2022 Changes are being Considered According to Bruno Michel

2022 Changes are being Considered According to Bruno Michel

2022 Changes are being Considered According to Bruno Michel 2022 Changes - FIA Formula 2 News

FIA Formula 2 and Formula 3’s change in 2021 to a reduced cost saving calendar has been problematic for more than one reason.

However, recent reports have suggested that the 2022 calendar could be changed to reduce the huge gaps between races.

There have been positives and negatives to the new system which saw the F2 and F3 championships split between F1 race weekends.

Having one championship headline next to Formula 1 has been a huge positive and having more races over the weekend has proven to be exciting for fans. The recent introduction to a sprint style weekend in F1 has shown the format works from the fan’s point of view.

The flaws have seen huge void spaces for both fans and drivers in between race weekends.

Bruno Michel has stated that the format is under review and that next year could result in changes.

“Altogether I would say this new format works very well on the track and I’m quite happy about it”

However, Michel went on to say, “Does it make real sense in terms of the calendar?’”

Gaps such as eight-weeks between Rounds 1 and 2 have seen negativity from both fans and drivers. Later in the season, the series will encounter a 10-week spell away from the action. The commercial downside of this may reduce the obvious cash gains for the brand and teams.

“It is more difficult to get involved into a championship when you have one month and even two months between events – we don’t want to lose fans because of that.”

Having the championships feature and headline on the F1 schedule away from each other also has its pros and cons.  The general feeling is that having them separate is a benefit for visibility for the championships.

“Definitely we have massively increased the visibility of Formula 3 with F3 being the only support race with F1 at some events. It is a massive difference.”

“We have increased the figures for Formula 2 generally speaking, the TV, social media, so all this is very important.”

The format itself has proven to be interesting seeing new drivers on the podium especially with the double Sprint Race action on a Saturday and the main event Feature Race taking place on the F1 race day.

“We have the Feature Race on Sunday which I have wanted for quite a long time and I think it has strong positioning, so it’s been working.”

We will be interested to see what is decided for both championships going forward. We certainly would love to see F2 feature at more rounds, but what do you think about the new format and what would you change? Let us know on Twitter @F2inside.

Credit: Formula Motorsport Limited / Autosport.com

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2022 Changes are being Considered According to Bruno Michel 2022 Changes - FIA Formula 2 News