Adrian Campos “Ready to face the coming challenges”

Adrian Campos “Ready to face the coming challenges”

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Adrian Campos 2020 Concerns



Campos Racings team principal and founder Adrian Campos have said that it will be very difficult for teams to stay in business if the Formula 2 season does not start.

The Spanish team who has been a part of the GP2/F2 grid since the championship began in 2005 has now revealed that if the F2 season does not start it could put many teams in a dire financial situation as well getting employees motivated.

“Honestly, this has been a hard moment. The most important thing has become to survive. Now, all the teams have to make a big effort to keep the business alive and to keep all the employees, the most important thing is the organisations to get the championships up and running. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for everyone to keep the business going, I hope this won’t happen.”

Campos, however, has praised F2 series boss Bruno Michel’s handling of the crisis as the series attempts to give any financial assistance for all teams.

‘Bruno Michel and his team are doing an incredible job by analysing how to adjust the conditions with the mission to guarantee that each team will be at least ready to face the coming challenges as soon as it will be possible, during the last 15 years, the promoter of GP2/F2 have shown to all that they are very professional so, now they have all our confidence in order to manage this really tough situation, any help we can receive it would be welcome, we have been keeping in touch with the organisation and they are trying to make easier the way for the teams.’

Campos was due to have a refreshed driver’s line up of Brazilian rookie Guilherme Samaia and Williams Racing F1 Reserve Jack Aitken for a second season at the Spanish squad.

Aitken is highly rated by Campos, who also brought through Fernando Alonso before he went to Formula 1.

“I am fully confident with Jack, he is one of the best drivers we have had in our team, even though many drivers from Campos Racing have reached F1, Jack is working hard to make this last step from F2 and I havent any doubt he will deserve it. At least, I can guarantee he is doing what is in his hands to reach this target.”

As for Samaia, Campos says that F2 will be a two-year project for him where he will learn race by race in his first season in the premier junior category.

“Guilherme considered us the proper team for him from our first conversation, of course, it will take time to get used to F2 singularities but, with Guilherme we have an agreement for two seasons which is something really good in terms of keeping the continuity of the progress with the driver inside the team, he will progress in every GP and we are sure he has the potential to show strong performances.”



Campos has also said that F2 is improving as a championship and has argued that Formula 2 should be essential for any young and talented driver to show they have what it takes for Formula 1.

“I think the championship has been improving and it’s true that in recent years the FIA and the F1 have agreed to consider this championship a necessary step before F1, we are talking about the most competitive championship in the world and it should be essential for each young and talented driver to take and show their skills if they want to be in F1 one day.”

Recently as early as October, Campos was rumored to be heading into Formula 1 once the new regulations come in for 2022 which includes a salary cap.

This is thirteen years after Campos was inches away from getting onto the Formula one grid before financial issues meant the Hispania group took over the running of the team.

Although Campos wants to focus on F2 and F3, he hasn’t ruled out another bite at the F1 cherry.

“Well it must be remembered that it was Campos Grand Prix, the team which one received the entry for F1, after that, due to some financial issues, the project was reorganised to HRT, as part of this, I know the owners of F1 are still analysing a new model to keep to competition alive and exciting and to let the teams stay with similar conditions.”

“It couldn’t be possible to reproduce the American model, but they are already trying to reduce the gap between teams.”

“Now I can’t think more than what we are facing today, we have to work day by day in what we have: F2 and F3 teams.”

“What will happen in the future, time will talk about… Never say never.”


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