How To Be An F1 Driver: My Guide To Life In The Fast Lane

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In his 17 years as a Formula 1 driver, Jenson Button has picked up a thing or two about how to do the job properly. Sure, you need to be able to drive a car fast, but you also need to know the real rules for making it to the top. Like, how to tell a multiple F1 champion they need to check their blind-spot. What the difference is between a helmet and a hat, and indeed a ‘helmet-hat’. And how to face down your team when you’ve just stacked their multi-million-pound car into a wall during practice.

How To Be An F1 Driver lifts the lid on the people, the places, the weird rituals, the media, the cars, the perks and the disasters. Join Jenson as he reveals how not to race a stupid big truck, why driving Le Mans is like having five shots of tequila before lunch, and what to do when you finally hang up your helmet-hat.

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James Porter
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This book is an easy reading with lots of small chapters and a clean writing. Personally its very light and should be read in such a way. If you head over to Amazon and look at reviews, you may see harsh comments from readers looking for an actual career pathway to F1. Yes, i thought the same too. However, it is simply a light fun read. If you’re not acquainted with motor racing you may learn some details on various things, but if you are a regular F1 or Motor Racing fan it doesn’t add much to what you already know. However you don’t need an ex-F1 driver to tell you that you can check-in your flights online, or that you should travel with light luggage and other common knowledge. Simply put, if you like JB then you will love it. If you dont and you dont take it to seriously, you will enjoy this too.

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