Life At The Limit by Graham Hill

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Graham Hill, a double motor racing World Champion, was an outstanding figure in the sport in the 1960s and early 1970s, and one of the best-loved sporting personalities of his time. This is his story, told in his own words, provides an insight into his life and times.

A candid view on life in the racing world in the 1960s. This is perhaps the original and definitive motor racing biography.

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James Porter
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Well, this is really one for the motorsport fans who really want to take a trip into the time machine. Hill wrote this book while laid up in the hospital after breaking both his legs near the end of the 1969 F1 season. It’s written in a very conversational style; it’s almost as if he’s telling me the story rather than I’m reading it. For me, the best bits were the early chapters, particularly the first. Once he gets fully into his F1 career it’s primarily a description of what happened in his races. The time period covered is from the late fifties to the end of 1969. As many will know at this time, drivers were killed more often than we would like to recount. Oddly, though, this entire subject is avoided almost entirely. Maybe this was just Hill’s way of dealing with the subject. The book really just focuses on racing and if you want to get first-hand recounts of the specific races, I would recommend it.

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