Anthione Hubert Report

Anthione Hubert Report

Anthione Hubert Report Anthione Hubert crash - FIA Formula 2 News

The FIA published its findings following last year’s fatal Saturday Feature race in the Formula 2 world championship that resulted in Anthione Hubert’s death and Juan Manuel Correa’s near-fatal injuries.

The report concluded that events on the 31st August 2019 had;

“no single specific cause but multiple contributory factors giving rise to the severity of the accident were identified”

The accident happened on the ridge of the world-famous Eau Rouge and Raidillon corner at Circuit Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium.


Anthione Hubert Report Anthione Hubert crash - FIA Formula 2 News


The incident from start to finish was 14.6 seconds long, with Hubert hitting a barrier at 33.7 G-Force before crossing the track where his car was struck by the oncoming car of Correa at an estimated 81.8G before a further final impact with a barrier. This in perspective shows the extent of the forces that the late Hubert experienced. Astronauts and jet fighter pilots experience roughly 9G’s at take-off.

This ultimately concluded that Hubert was killed by a “non-survivable trauma” following all three impacts. 

Without the specifics, the above was widely known however the aim of the report was to understand the dynamics of the incident and understand if there was any blame attributed to any of the factors affecting the death of the driver and injuries to Correa.

“The investigation found no evidence that any driver failed to react appropriately in response to the hello flag signal or to the circumstances on track.”

And also stating 

“The reaction of the marshals and race control in deploying signaling and rescue services to the accident is considered timely and good.”

The FIA will draw conclusions from this tragic incident and look to improve safety not just at this circuit but at all races around the world using the information gathered.


Anthione Hubert Report Anthione Hubert crash - FIA Formula 2 News


Juan Manuel Correa commented on his own social media that;

“We cannot change the past, but perhaps all the pain and sacrifice can have some meaning if it serves to make our sport safer.”


Full FIA report:





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Anthione Hubert Report Anthione Hubert crash - FIA Formula 2 News