Back to Back Robert Shwartzman Ferrari Academy driver formula 2 - FIA Formula 2 News

Russian driver Robert Shwartzman says he can get back to back Championships as he looks to take his F3 form into the F2 Championship on his way to the premier series.

The 20-year-old driver will be in his rookie year joining Prema driver Mick Schumacher in his sophomore year.

“There is not much time left before the start of the Formula 2 season, but I want to be one of the fastest drivers immediately after the launch of the season and without making mistakes at all,” he said in an interview with

Back to Back Robert Shwartzman Ferrari Academy driver formula 2 - FIA Formula 2 News

The big debate is whether bringing momentum and championship form into a new series can really give Shwartzman the platform he needs to spring straight into the big league or by comparison does a season experience like that of his teammate Schumacher give him a more realistic way to secure a race seat in F1.

Both Prema drivers raced together in the FIA F3 series when Schumacher took home the title while Shwartzman finished third.

Both drivers are known in the junior paddocks for being on the intense side when it comes to their un-bridled focus to progress through the ranks. Will this intense attitude succeed in creating a winning formula for Prema or will we see a Hamilton/Rosberg Esque battle commence at the Italian team?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments box. 

If you have read my article when Callum expects “Ilott more in 2020”  you would have read that Shwartzman and Schumacher are just two of what could be a big old traffic jam at the F1 driver seat lights. Shwartzman became the first Russian driver to enter the Ferrari Driver Acadamy back in 2017 joining his Teammate, Giuliano Alesi, Marcus Armstrong, Enzo Fittipaldi, Callum Ilott and Gianluca Petecof.

Prema Team Principle Rene Rosin told the “F2: The Road to F1” Podcast he expects every Prema driver to make it to F1. Will Shwartzman make it for the 2021 season or will he get caught in the FDA traffic as F1 Academies stack up talent hoping to discover the next F1 superstar. is your home for Formula 2

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Back to Back Robert Shwartzman Ferrari Academy driver formula 2 - FIA Formula 2 News