Barter confident ahead of Jerez and “the expectation is to try and win”

Barter confident ahead of Jerez and “the expectation is to try and win”

Hugh BarterBarter confident ahead of Jerez and “the expectation is to try and win”

Hugh Barter is expecting to win at Jerez in the Spanish F4 Championship and “come out of the weekend on top.”

The Australian is currently second in the championship after Round 1 at Algarve where he enjoyed a victory in Race 1 prior to two fourth place finishes.

Barter is six points behind championship leader Tasanapol Inthraphuvasak heading into Jerez and is feeling confident heading into the weekend.

He told InsideF2: “I’m looking forward quite a fair bit coming into this round currently second in the championship six points behind so almost nothing basically a win away from the championship lead obviously the expectation is to try and win as much as I can.”

The 16-year-old had some hard wheel to wheel battles in Algarve with Tymoteusz Kucharczyk and Valerio Rinicella in Portugal.

The Spanish F4 car is heavier than in previous years which demands much more nouse from the driver to extract the ultimate performance.

Barter explained: “With this new car I think it’s a bit different because it’s a bit heavier a bit lazier so I think you need to prepare your overtakes and be smarter. 

“But in the end it’s racing and all of the experience I’ve gathered from all my career takes into account on how I approach things so obviously last round is something I will also bring into this round and that experience.

Overtaking could be difficult at Jerez due to the narrow, twisty circuit and the Campos driver says keeping a cool head is vital at the Spanish circuit.

He said: “The key to being quick at Jerez is not to overdrive and just being calm and overdriving is the worst thing you can do so that’s probably the key.”

Sim work is also extremely important to learn tracks and decide which setup might work on the real life circuit.

The tracks have got much more accurate in recent times and it is a hugely powerful tool to gain a competitive advantage.

Barter said that the simulator is very helpful in preparing for future races.

He said: “It’s just hypothetical but it’s a great tool of learning tracks and just preparing the driver for the upcoming round or event.

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