Barter: “I’m just trying to carry the confidence from MotorLand” – ahead Spanish F4 at Navarra

Barter: “I’m just trying to carry the confidence from MotorLand” – ahead Spanish F4 at Navarra

Hugh BarterBarter “quite confident” ahead of Spa

Hugh Barter is feeling confident heading into the penultimate round of the Spanish F4 season at Navarra.

The Australian currently sits second in the championship behind his Campos Racing team mate and championship leader Nikola Tsolov.

The 17-year-old is feeling confident going into Navarra despite a sizeable 105-point deficit to the Bulgarian with two rounds to go.

Barter said to InsideF2: “I feel really confident going into this weekend. 

“The F3 isn’t really part of the confidence boost, the driving style is completely different but i’m just trying to carry the confidence from MotorLand and the last couple of rounds of both the Spanish and the French.”

The Australian explained the key to maximising lap time at Navarra is about balance and being smooth on Navarra’s bumpy tarmac.

He said: “Navarra is really about finesse, I think you cannot rush the track. 

“It really comes down to being clean on your driving and especially with how aggressive the track is as in there’s a lot of bumps.

“It’s not the smoothest tarmac in the world so you really have to try and keep the car as stable as you can under all the braking zones.

Barter has delivered three victories so far this season in Spanish F4 including a double victory last time out at MotorLand Aragón

Prior to the weekend at Navarra, Barter participated in a two-day test at the Spanish circuit. The Australian was very competitive and topped the timesheets by four tenths at the end of the test.

The Campos Racing driver explained that he learned a lot from the two days of running, particularly with setting up the car.

Barter said: “The two days of tests at Navarra last time, I think it was really productive, we were really really quick about four tenths faster than anyone else at the end of the two days.

“Basically just trying to take what we learned from those two tests in setup and driving wise and bring it to this weekend.” is your home for Formula 2

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Hugh BarterBarter “quite confident” ahead of Spa