Boschung ‘Disappeared From The Radar’ After Jeddah

Boschung ‘Disappeared From The Radar’ After Jeddah

Boschung’s unfortunate points-dropout after scoring best-ever qualifying position

After a Sprint Race win and a second place in the Feature Race at Bahrain, Boschung expresses he has ‘disappeared from the radar’ after a challenging few weekends with a lack of points scored. Taking the Driver’s Championship lead in the opening two rounds, Barcelona left him 14th in the standings. 

“I think the big issue was qualifying […] I did do a mistake in my best lap unfortunately, which cost probably P9 or P10 so I had to abort that lap. That was all on me, the car was good enough for top 10”

Losing the car in Turn 9 on his fastest lap of the session, Boschung lined up P17 for both races despite his beliefs that the car was capable of more. Campos teammate Kush Maini lined up only three places ahead in P14.

Boschung appreciated Maini’s work within the team and how he had ‘scored good points’ at Barcelona which had placed the team sixth in the standings.

Despite the struggles, the Swiss driver found positives during Sunday’s Feature Race in the car’s pace and the different strategy of pitting early to do a long stint on the prime tyres.

However, Boschung reflected on his contrastingly  positive start to the season when speaking to InsideF2:

“The win was good, obviously I was very emotional and it was absolutely incredible to win the first race, to actually dominate the first race and also finishing second in the feature,”

“I was really happy especially for the team after all the hard moments we had to go through together the last two years”

After missing six rounds in the 2022 Formula 2 season, Boschung stayed with Campos for 2023 so the positive opening round brought confidence within the team.

“But from there on I kind of disappeared from the radar […] some very hard races up to now from the Jeddah feature which is very hard to accept. But that’s where I am now and I have to try and come back and improve”

Boschung hopes to undergo ‘a lot of recovery then prep with the team for Austria’, where Formula 2 returns for Round 8.

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Boschung’s unfortunate points-dropout after scoring best-ever qualifying position