Campos: The Drivers Needed a ‘Few More Laps’ Behind Safety Car in Zandvoort Sprint

Campos: The Drivers Needed a ‘Few More Laps’ Behind Safety Car in Zandvoort Sprint

Campos: The Drivers Needed a ‘Few More Laps’ Behind Safety Car in Zandvoort Sprint

Team Principal, Adrián Campos Jr spoke to insideF2 writer, Michael McClure after the team suffered a disappointing double DNF in the Sprint Race at Zandvoort.

An unfortunate incident between the pair resulted in an exceptional amount of damage to both cars.

Heavy rain around the circuit delayed the start of the race which meant there would be a rolling start after a few laps behind the Safety Car.

It didn’t take long for the first red flag to be issued after the Campos pair, Kush Maini and Ralph Boschung crashed at Turn 6.

Originally, Jak Crawford was the first driver to find the grass, Maini followed him and as a result, spun onto the track and was collected by Boschung.

Maini’s Campos landed on top of his team mate’s halo but luckily, both drivers walked away from the incident.

Speaking exclusively to insideF2, Campos Jr looked ahead to Sunday’s Feature Race and the work that will be required to get both cars on track:

“It was quite unfortunate for us. To be honest they were very tricky conditions. I’m not sure if they should’ve gave a few more laps behind the Safety Car to let the drivers get used to the situation.

“At the end, we ended up with two destroyed cars and a race that was cancelled so probably I think something that could’ve been avoided. It is what it is. 

“We had a big accident and it was bad luck to have both cars involved in it. It will be a long night for the team.

“It’s very difficult to know what we will be finding in the process [repairing the car]. Hopefully it won’t affect [the Feature race], the cars are destroyed and we have to build them again. 

“To do it in only one day is very challenging and, of course, you have more chances to have an issue but we will do our best and we will check everything as good as possible and hopefully everything will be perfect tomorrow.”

He insists that both cars should be out on track, despite initial concerns over Boschung, who suffers with Facet Syndrome, which affects his neck and back.

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Campos: The Drivers Needed a ‘Few More Laps’ Behind Safety Car in Zandvoort Sprint