Russell Road for Lundgaard

Russell Road for Lundgaard

Christian Lundgaard has been announced recently to be making the step up from Formula 3 to Formula 2 after just one season in the series.

In 2019 Lundgaard raced F3 for ART GP team and achieved one win, two podiums along with two pole positions.
He will be hoping after one season in F3 to follow in the steps of former ART graduate George Russell and make the step again through the championships on the road to F1 like many other drivers.

Russell it must be remembered did win the F3 championship and then similar to Charles Le Clerc made the back to back championship step through which Lundgaard has not done.

However, the 19-year-old has age on his side, There seems to be an interesting collection of drivers many of whom are rookies or sophomore year drivers in Formula 2 this year which will make it difficult to take the next step into the new 2021 F1 season which will be the most exciting in the year following the big regulation changes.

Lundgaard is part of their Renault Academy and there is some uncertainty with the F1 race seats available with speculation about Daniel Ricciardo and a possible move in 2021. The Renault academy does have a number of strong drivers so the focus for Lundgaard surly will be to outperform his them primarily.


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