Competitive Daruvala Had Fun

Competitive Daruvala Had Fun

Competitive Daruvala Had Fun Jehan - FIA Formula 2 News

Competitive Daruvala Had Fun

Following last week’s comment’s that he wanted to focus on his starts and show more to get a strong result last weekend, Jehan Daruvala turned his weekend round to finish on a high on Sunday.

The 21-year-old Indian driver Qualifying ahead of his teammate in 7th place but did drop down to 12th during the Feature Race.

“Qualifying I would say was also positive even though we didn’t quite get what we wanted in the end. We were fastest after the first set and then on the second set we didn’t get quicker and I would say also that my driving didn’t improve much on the second set so we didn’t move forward and we qualified 7th.”

For the race itself though, “A bad start from my side and a bad first lap. I think I was 12th or 13th after the 4th corner so I tried to pit early and then push quite hard to undercut the drivers who were pitting later. That really showed at the end as I struggled with the tyres and pretty much had no left front tyre left at all with 7 or 8 laps to go.”

“That was very disappointing and frustrating.”

His Sunday, however, started and finished well, ““Today I think that the start was a massive step forwards, I would say it was a good start.”

“The Prime stint was a typical Sprint Race where you are kind of stuck in a DRS line and can’t really do very much. Then when the Safety Car came out with 5 laps to go we went in for the Option. Not everyone did and it was a mix. I really had fun out there the last 3 or 4 laps, I think I might have taken 3 or 4 cars round the outside through Brooklands. Then to make the final pass on the last lap at the last corner, that was great fun.”

“After a disappointing day yesterday it was just so good to go out there have fun and be really competitive as we know we should be.”

The team and the driver will be hoping for more of that Sunday performance over the entire weekend as we lead into the next round at Silverstone.

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Competitive Daruvala Had Fun Jehan - FIA Formula 2 News