Correa picks IIott and Shwartzman as his championship contenders

Correa picks IIott and Shwartzman as his championship contenders

Correa picks IIott and Shwartzman as his championship contenders Correa Ilott - FIA Formula 2 News

Juan Manuel Correa has praised the quality of the Formula 2 field as he praised former Charouz teammate Callum IIott start to the 2020 season.

The Ecuadorian-American who took two podiums in Baku and Paul Ricard has praised his former teammate’s start to the season with IIott just behind championship leader Shwartzman as the series heads into part two of it’s Silverstone doubleheader.

“Callum’s had an amazing start to his campaign, and I am very happy for him and wishing he will take the championship. It’s encouraging to see him perform so well in one of the top teams.”

Correa also praised the quality of the Formula 2 field, as he tipped IIott and Ferrari junior Shwartzman as his early favourites for the title.

“It’s tough to pick a champion, because there is a lot amount of exceptional drivers in F2. Looking at how the first four rounds have gone my money is probably on either Callum or Robert, but it’s still early and you cannot rule out other drivers.”

The twenty-year-old also informed his fans about his recovery as Correa continued his rehab in the hope that he will be back on the grid for 2021.

“It has been and continues to be the biggest challenge I have ever faced. Rehab has been extremely painful, and the amount of time and energy I will have to dedicate to the remaining surgeries and the long road of rehab ahead will be very big. My leg is able to bear my full weight and I am getting closer to walking. More importantly, I feel it is nearly ready to push the throttle again.”

Correa also praised the support that both Charouz and Alfa Romeo have given him since his injuries in August 2019 as the Ecuadorian-American prepares to find himself a budget for 2021 as well beginning negotiations with teams up and down the Formula 2 grid.

“Charouz and Alfa Romeo have been very supportive, but of course, in this sport, there is no possibility to leave a seat open. As my comeback gets closer, we will start talking with teams and opening negotiations. It is important we find the budget beforehand as well.”

The early rounds of the 2020 F2 season have seen seven winners out of eight exhilarating races with the new 18 inch tyres also adding further spice to the action on track something which Correa has found very tough but entertaining to watch as he also commented on the new 18-inch tyres.

“It has been very tough to watch, but very entertaining as well. I feel that the races and the championship have been quite close so far. Judging from what I’ve seen so far, the new tyres do not seem to be very different from last year.”

Last year saw Correa have his first taste of Formula 1 machinery with a test in the Sauber C32 at Paul Ricard alongside fellow Alfa Romeo Racing developmental driver Tatiana Calderon with the American now hungrier than ever to get back and race in Formula 1.

“Yes, definitely. If anything, this accident and long recovery have just made me hungrier to reach my goals as a driver.”

Away from the track, Correa has been racing on simulators during the lockdown period with the Ecuadorian-American using the simulator as part of his rehab process, with the American also expressing interesting in joining Formula 2 commentator Alex Jacques in the commentary booth at some stage.

“Sim racing has helped me as a form of rehab for my left leg, and it also helps me stay sharp. I had a lot of fun racing online earlier this year. For sure! I already do the commenting in my household when we are watching the races, so I think that would be a lot of fun.”

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Correa picks IIott and Shwartzman as his championship contenders Correa Ilott - FIA Formula 2 News