Correa Surgery Went Well

Correa Surgery Went Well

Correa Surgery Went Well Correa Surgery - FIA Formula 2 News

Correa Surgery Went Well

This week we had the return of FIA Formula 2 at Silverstone but we also had Juan Manuel Correa working on his own return to full fitness with an update on his instagram.

It is and will continue to be a long road for the charismatic driver’s return but he is always in good spirits with his fans.

This week he updated his followers with a trip to the hospital initially for his first Covid test; “Today, will be the first Covid test i will do, Not because i have symptoms but i have surgery this week on Wednesday. It’s on my left toes, they will cut the tendons.”

He mentioned that he felt a little unwell this week but thought its was strange as, “I have literally have not left my house this month to prepare for this surgery as i didn’t want to risk anything.”

Correa then on Wednesday posted us a clip on his instagram stories ahead of the surgery as he was getting ready to head into the operation. Post the surgery he was again quick to let his follower’s know how things went.

“Hey guys, quick update! It all went fine, i have a nerve block right now and i have some pins on the toes. I will show you when they take the boot off, but yeah i have a nerve block at the moment so no pain at all. Im still feeling a bit drowsy from the anaesthesia.”

It’s great to see his strength and persistence shining  through what is a massive physical fight nearly one year on from his accident. We all like getting his update’s and fan’s appreciate the example he give’s others with his positive attitude.

“Seems like it all went very well so just wanted to let you guys know. I should be getting out of the hospital soon.”

In true form he also lightened the mood with a little treat for himself post departure from the hospital. The drowsiness seemed to wear off as he popped in for a take away burger on the way home.

Correa Surgery Went Well Correa Surgery - FIA Formula 2 News

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Correa Surgery Went Well Correa Surgery - FIA Formula 2 News