Dennis Hauger on F2 Testing and Anticipations for 2024 Season

Dennis Hauger on F2 Testing and Anticipations for 2024 Season

Hauger Hoping for Dry Feature Race

After an intensive three-day testing session for FIA Formula 2 teams and drivers in Yas Marina, Dennis Hauger of MP Motorsport sat down with us in the paddock and shared insights into his preparations and expectations for the upcoming 2024 season.

Reflecting on the testing days, Hauger described them as “productive,” noting the significance of coming straight from a race weekend into testing.

“With track conditions changing between the beginning of the weekend and now with all the rubber laid down there have been different conditions to review” he stated, emphasizing the adaptations needed due to these evolving conditions.

When asked about his learnings from the 2023 season with MP Motorsport and how he plans to apply them in 2024, Hauger candidly recognized the areas needing improvement.

“I think qualifying has been the weak point this year, especially at the beginning,” he remarked, highlighting the importance of starting strong in future races.

Despite some setbacks, including technical issues and on-track incidents, Hauger remains optimistic.

“In the end, we just need to get out there and do it… I just need to go and do it next year,” he affirmed, showcasing a determined attitude towards the upcoming challenges.

With a specification change for the FIA Formula 2 car in 2024, Hauger expressed both curiosity and cautious optimism. He noted, “To be fair, we will never know until we get it.”

The new car, which represents the first significant change since 2018, is expected to bring different aerodynamic challenges while maintaining similar mechanical components.

“It’s still the same tyres and steering power, ratio etc will be the same, so I don’t think the driving style will change too much,” Hauger explained.

However, Hauger also shared a personal goal of finding a car that suits him better.

“Hopefully there will be some change for me, this car has not been the most comfortable,” he disclosed, pointing out the difficulties in transitioning from F3 to F2.

“I’ve never naturally got the hang of this car unfortunately, so a bit frustrating,” he added, underlining his eagerness to adapt to and potentially thrive with the new car in the 2024 season.

As the F2 landscape evolves, Dennis Hauger stands ready to tackle the new challenges and opportunities that the 2024 season holds. With a blend of learnings from the past and expectations for the future, his journey in the championship continues to be one of adaptation, growth, and perseverance.

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Hauger Hoping for Dry Feature Race