Doohan Fastest on Day Two

Doohan Fastest on Day Two

Doohan Tops Day Two

Once again, Jack Doohan showcased his speed and ended Day 2 of in-season testing as the fastest driver in Barcelona.

The morning session saw Kush Maini from Campos Racing leading the pack on a wet track, while Doohan saved his best for the dry conditions in the afternoon after recovering from an earlier spin.

Here is a breakdown of how the testing unfolded on the second day in Barcelona.

During the wet morning session, Brad Benavides and the Trident duo took to the track early on. However, Clément Novalak’s off-track excursion at Turn 2 resulted in a red flag.

The rain intensified, leading to Jak Crawford spinning and getting stuck in the gravel at Turn 4, causing another red flag. With an hour gone, Victor Martins from ART Grand Prix set the pace with a time of 1:39.969, becoming the first driver to break the 1:40s barrier.

A brief red flag followed as Roy Nissany went wide but recovered quickly. Théo Pourchaire emerged as the fastest with a time of 1:38.945 as the rain eased. More red flags were brought out by Dennis Hauger, Enzo Fittipaldi, and Ralph Boschung at various points in the session.

As the track dried up, Arthur Leclerc set a blistering time of 1:36.311, leading the pack by 1.5 seconds. However, it was Maini who switched to slick tires and finished the morning session as the overall fastest driver with a time of 1:28.049.

In the afternoon, with dry conditions, drivers eagerly hit the track. Roy Nissany set the early benchmark with a time of 1:27.316, but Ralph Boschung quickly surpassed him with a lap time of 1:26.721.

A red flag was triggered by Jak Crawford’s spin at Turn 9, but the session resumed with over two hours remaining. The focus shifted to completing race simulations and accumulating mileage. However, Doohan’s spin at Turn 6 caused another red flag.

As the session resumed, Roman Stanek briefly claimed the top spot with a time of 1:26.500 before several drivers took turns at the fastest lap. Novalak, Isack Hadjar, and Enzo Fittipaldi each held the top position with less than an hour to go. In the final minutes, Frederik Vesti and Théo Pourchaire exchanged the fastest times.

Vesti took the lead with seven minutes remaining, posting a time of 1:24.466, until Doohan emerged as the fastest driver once again, securing the top spot with a time of 1:24.318, concluding the second day of testing on a high note.

Source: FIA Formula 2 Media
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Doohan Tops Day Two