Drugovich: ‘Difficult to Drive’ in Silverstone Wind

Drugovich: ‘Difficult to Drive’ in Silverstone Wind

Drugovich Says Silverstone Wind Made Car ‘Difficult to Drive’

Speaking to InsideF2 in the post-Qualifying press conference, Felipe Drugovich, Frederik Vesti, and Logan Sargeant explained how the track conditions at Silverstone affected their runs in Qualifying for the seventh round of the FIA Formula 2 Championship season.

Rain fell during Formula 1’s first practice session in Friday’s early afternoon, and clouds hovered over the circuit for the rest of the day’s running.

The rain held off for the F2 qualifying session, but there was a consistent southwesterly wind with gusts of up to 20 miles per hour, destabilising several cars.

Championship leader Felipe Drugovich was one of those who admitted to struggling with the conditions during Qualifying. Though he set a lap good enough for third, he spun around at Turn 17 with a few minutes to go.

The Brazilian gave his thoughts on the day’s running: “I think the wind has been quite strong today. Luckily, most of the time [it was] in the same direction, which helps a little bit, but it makes it also very tricky when you change the speed.

“I’ve been struggling quite a bit the whole day. I don’t know [about] the other guys, but it was quite difficult to drive.

“I spun out of the last corner, and the car wasn’t really hooked up there. Anyway, I think it’s the same for everybody, so I can’t really complain.”

Second-placed Frederik Vesti noticed the presence of the wind, but he said it wasn’t an obstacle for him during the session.

“For me, it’s not been too difficult. There’s a lot of wind, which helps in some corners and takes some grip away in others, but it’s been consistent, and it’s been the same for me every lap.

“You deal with it, and it’s not been too challenging.”

Pole-sitter Logan Sargeant contended that the wind was an additional strategic element for drivers to consider.

“From my side, it did feel quite gusty in Qualifying, but I think if you understand the wind, you can sort of use it to your advantage and know where it can catch you out as well.”

At the time of writing, tomorrow’s forecast from the Met Office calls for south-southwesterly winds at 16mph with gusts up to 22mph during the evening session.

There is a 10% chance of rain during the race, which begins at 17:00 track time, but a 50% chance in the afternoon, meaning there might be a wet track for the start of the Sprint Race.

Image Credit: Formula Motorsport Ltd

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Drugovich Says Silverstone Wind Made Car ‘Difficult to Drive’