F2 Testing – DAY 2 AM REPORT

F2 Testing – DAY 2 AM REPORT

Maloney ‘Really Looking Forward’ to Racing in Jeddah

Day 2 of post-season testing began at Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi at 09:00 Local Time on 30th November.

It was another hot day, with the track temperature at 38°C and air temperature at 29°C, setting the stage for this morning’s sessions.

The session started with almost the full grid out, as 19 cars in total began setting times. After a couple of warm-up laps, the times hit the 1:37s, with Zane Maloney initially posting a 1:36.960 on his 4th lap.

This was quickly surpassed as both PREMA drivers lit up the screens with purple sectors, starting the day where they left off yesterday. This time, it was Antonelli leading Bearman with a 1:36.607 for P1 and P2.

There was a lull around 10 laps and 20 minutes in, as teams came in to reset.

Dennis Hauger, on his 12th lap, posted a 1:36.040, which, at that point, was the fastest time of the testing and 0.5s off last weekend’s pole before he headed into the pits for a debrief. His teammate Colapinto went out for his own push laps in the 1:36s, only 0.159s off his experienced Norwegian counterpart after 14 laps.

Zane Maloney then improved and posted a 1:35.783. It was Martí who edged closer to the Rodin Carlin driver, 25 laps into his session, with a 1:35.984, just -0.030 behind. Hauger, however, was also back out and, 21 laps into his own programme, was in second, just ahead of Martí and only -0.171 off Maloney.

An hour in, the top three were Maloney, Hauger, and Martí, with all drivers at this stage posting almost race-pace times, mostly in the 1:36s. However, the session was driven by long runs and accumulating mileage.

During the session, the teams also worked on tyre changes when drivers stopped for brief intervals for setup changes.

With half the session completed, the teams and drivers all returned to the garages. On the time sheets, Victor Martins had moved into second, splitting the previous times of Maloney and Hauger with a 1:35.888, which was -0.105 off the top and 0.171 ahead of third.

An hour into the session, the drivers continued to work on long run programmes, with most clocking up 35-40 rotations by then.

These long run programmes continued, and the top times remained, with an average of 40 rotations of the Yas Marina circuit from most of the drivers and teams.

Invicta Virtuosi driver Kush Maini fell short of that count with 25 laps, while the driver with the most rubber laid was Victor Martins in his ART GP car with 59 Laps.

Towards the final minutes of the morning session, there were some brief flashes of racing in the final sector as drivers got close to each other on track.

Bortoleto and Aron seemingly had a bit of fun over a few laps as they interchanged positions before rolling back into the garages to conclude the session.

The afternoon session will begin later at 17:00pm local time.

F2 Testing – DAY 2 AM REPORT

Image: Formula Motorsport Limited

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Maloney ‘Really Looking Forward’ to Racing in Jeddah