Fittipaldi Hopeful for First Win in Bahrain

Fittipaldi Hopeful for First Win in Bahrain

Fittipaldi Hopeful for First Win in Bahrain

Enzo Fittipaldi spoke to the media about the track ahead of this weekend’s season opener in Bahrain. He also touched on his expectations as well as his hopes to pick up his first Formula 2 victory. 

“The test last week in Bahrain was really good, it was a very productive test,” and stated himself and the team learnt a lot ready for the season ahead.

“I really enjoy the circuit because it’s a very fun track. In the races it gives a lot of opportunities for overtaking, because of the big straights and the DRS zones. The big brake zones to Turn 1, Turn 4 I also really enjoy. And Sector 2 is a very technical part of the track which is also very nice.”

“One of the cool things about this track which is fun in the races is that the asphalt of the track is very rough, so it’s very hard on the tyres so strategy, tyre management is something huge in the races so that makes it a lot of fun to play around with strategies.”

“The most important part in my opinion is Sector 2, for me, that is the demanding on the tyres. I think that for the races you need to know very well how much to push the tyres in these corners, when you need to save the tyres, how to do it, how to approach this sector.”

“My expectation for this weekend is to qualify in the top 5 and finish both races in the top 5 and hopefully score a podium or a win, my first win in F2, that would be amazing.”

Fittipaldi has been named as many people’s favourite in our podcast’s question for, ‘first new F2 winner,’ and he seems to think he’s in with a great chance as long as qualifying goes well. He will also race under the Red Bull Academy for the first time in his career this weekend in Bahrain. This was announced over the winter before pre-season testing.

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Fittipaldi Hopeful for First Win in Bahrain