Fittipaldi on the Importance of Family Support in Motorsport

Fittipaldi on the Importance of Family Support in Motorsport

Fittipaldi on the Importance of Family Support in Motorsport

This weekend insideF2 broadcast journalist, L.A. Wilshaw was lucky enough to catch up with two members of the Fittipaldi family in the Zandvoort paddock. On Sunday, we spoke to Juliana about her son’s recent success in Formula 2 and spoke full of pride.

Juliana’s list of praise included: “I’m a proud mum.” “He’s incredible.”, “He does miracles.”, “The whole team did amazing.”

After the Feature Race, we managed to catch up with Enzo and L.A. had the chance to tell him what had been said, which brought a on a conversation too valuable to be unwritten. In response to his “wonderful mum” Enzo told insideF2:

“She’s amazing. Just to have her here with me and at the race weekends is a dream, you know and I’m just very happy to have my family supporting me. It’s a very competitive sport and the family support is critical. All I can do is thank God and I love my mum a lot and her words mean a lot to me”.

The conversation later turned to his brother, Pietro, who is famously an active member of Enzo’s team. In 2020, Pietro had the chance to race in Formula One, the pinnacle of motorsport to step in for an injured Romain Grosjean.

Enzo was seen supporting his brother many times throughout those couple of  weekends and Pietro can often be seen doing the same during Enzo’s F2 career so far.

“Me and my brother work really well together. My brother is five years older than me so he has a lot more experience so he is always trying to help me with anything he can. I always keep my ears very open and just try and listen to everything he has to say and learn because he really knows what he is talking about and really understands.

We have a really good way of working together and it’s a teamwork. The same as how I work with Charouz, it’s very important, this chemistry, this teamwork. It’s critical”.

The family aspect to Enzo’s career was always going to be important with such an iconic surname. Speaking to him about the importance of their support in what has been an impressive season for the young Brazilian driver helps to explain his determination, which he’s demonstrated on varies occasions in his competition to be best rookie of the season. is your home for Formula 2

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Fittipaldi on the Importance of Family Support in Motorsport