Fittipaldi Unfazed by Jeddah Crash Memory

Fittipaldi Unfazed by Jeddah Crash Memory

Fittipaldi Unfazed by Jeddah Crash Memory

FIA Formula 2 driver, Enzo Fittipaldi, was pragmatic and unfazed by memories of his crash in Jeddah last season, as he’s returned in 2022, and has put in a couple of strong opening race weekends.

“I didn’t really have that much flashbacks, it was just another race weekend.

“When I drive in Jeddah, obviously I had the crash there last year, it’s like any other track. The type of accident I had can happen anywhere else, it’s just off the line crash. A car stalled in front of me and it can happen at any other track. It’s not particularly just to Jeddah.”

Recovery from the kind of injures Enzo sustained, can take 6-8 weeks, sometimes longer:

“In general my recovery’s been great. It’s been really fast and I’m very thankful for that. Through the whole winter I was training at home every day, to get back as fast as possible and recovered; To be as ready as possible to drive the Formula 2 car.”

Fittipaldi is a joyful character around the Formula 2 paddock, and his positivity radiates in his huge smile. The American/Brazilian is friendly and generous with his time for others. It is no surprise to hear that he’d made contact with those who were with him on that day in December.

“It was also really good to see everyone who had helped me when I had the accident. I met all the people who helped me, which was amazing.

“I thanked them for helping me and it was great to meet them and to see all the people in Jeddah, at the hospital. That was really nice.”

Despite being extremely close to finishing in the points in every race this season, last year’s accident is not deterring the determined Charouz driver. 

He has the exact right mindset and positive mental attitude to overcome obstacles. Which is not only a benefit in motor racing, but also in life.

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Fittipaldi Unfazed by Jeddah Crash Memory