GB3 Snetterton – Saturday

GB3 Snetterton – Saturday

HedleyGB3 Snetterton – Saturday

James Hedley took a superb win in Race 1 at Snetterton in GB3 for Arden. 

The British driver perfected the start and launched into the lead from fourth place into Riches, ahead of Matthew Rees.



A delighted Hedley said to insideF2: “(It was a) mega start, whether it’s a good start or a bad start the race is all about the start so it’s good that we got a good one.

 “And that made the race from there so, a really good start and the team gave me a really good car so nice and fast during the race as well.

“I wouldn’t say (the track was) extra grippy, I know exactly why I got a good start it wasn’t anything to do with me it was to do with the others so I’ve been doing this trick for a little bit now so I won’t say anything I don’t want to give it away but a good start. 

“Nothing to do with grip or anything like that, if anything it should be a bit grippier on the other side but it’s not too hard to get a good start consistently at least.”

Callum Voisin scored third place for Rodin Carlin behind Welshman Matthew Rees and scored a good bank of points to compliment his title challenge.

The British driver said that dirty air was a huge factor at the Norfolk circuit and the start is all important.

“Just the nature of this track with this car it is very difficult to overtake especially just the nature of this layout with a lot of medium-speed corners into low-speed corners it does make it tricky to get close to somebody and make a pass.

“The start is a lot round here as we saw in that race so a bit of a shame about the start I got a little bit boxed in, I didn’t get the best of starts but otherwise really good, I think our pace was very good.

“It’s tough out there there’s a lot of teams, a lot of cars, a lot of good drivers that can all fight for the win, I don’t think anybody really expected James Hedley to start in P4 and end up winning.

“It’s pretty unexpected and I think what we’re doing right now is pretty perfect and scoring podium after podium is what we’ve got to do.”

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HedleyGB3 Snetterton – Saturday