Guilherme Samaia Q&A

Guilherme Samaia Q&A

Guilherme Samaia Q&A Samaia - FIA Formula 2 News

Guilherme Samaia Q&A

How are you keeping in the current situation and lockdown?

I’m trying to keep as active as possible with the mind and body in the safest way possible. I am in contact with my trainer and also trying to have some fun.

How’s your fitness and training going given that there are limitations on what maybe can be done?

Training hasn’t been an issue for me during the lockdown, luckily I’ve got everything I need to keep training well. And I’ve been able to mix it up with a bit of other sports too.

What was your impression of the F2 car in the test at Bahrain and how different is it to an F3 car?

It’s a variety of differences such as weight, power (and turbo), brakes, size of the car, tyres (degradation) and also technology and strategies. But the weight was what most got my attention, It changed a lot the way to manage the car. 

You’re paired up with Jack Aitken, one of the more experienced drivers in Formula 2, what can you learn from him and what’s he like as a teammate?

Jack is a great guy, he has given me a warm welcome to the category and the team. His experience will only push me harder and into the right direction, and I’m very lucky to have that. Hope to push him too. 

If all goes well and we can get back racing soon, which of the circuits are you looking forward to racing at?

Well, I was looking forward to the race in Monaco, but since it has been canceled I would say Baku, another very challenging street circuit. (If it is confirmed). 

What are your goals for this season?

To learn a great deal from the package I’ve got and to be able to deliver the best of me. 

Music plays a big part in drivers rituals ahead of a race, do you have a song or playlist you listen to?

Yes. One I created myself, and just for these race days.

Who is your biggest rival on the grid and why?

I guess myself!  But for sure all the rookies, even though there are all very experienced rookies.

What celebration would you do for your first win?

Id love to do doughnuts but I doubt it’s allowed! So I’ll try to get clear from the halo and get as high out of the car to celebrate with the team when crossing the line.

How confident are you going into your rookie season of F2?

I feel good. I know I have a lot to learn, maybe more than most of the other drivers, but I’ve been preparing myself for the F2 for some time now. It’s what I got, It’s my story, and I want to surprise many people watching. I worked hard.

Who is your idol or inspiration?

Ayrton Senna. 


Written by Ed Spencer


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Guilherme Samaia Q&A Samaia - FIA Formula 2 News