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Home While Away with Luca Ghiotto

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Home While Away – Luca Ghiotto


Are you sitting at home and missing Formula 2 as much as we are here at InsideF2?

If like us, you’ve been wondering what some of the drivers are doing to occupy themselves while away from the track.

We caught up with Hitech Grand Prix driver Luca Ghiotto, to ask him how he’s spending his time during this global Coronavirus lockdown. 



How are you at the moment?

Yeah, everything is ok. Im lucky enough to live in the northeast of Italy which seems to be a bit better at the moment. It is still is a big problem in Italy, so I guess it’s good as it can be given our location. There is talk of opening up a bit and start working maybe, lockdown will not be fully removed but a part of it.

How are you and your loved ones?

Yeah, I’m at home with my family so my mother, father and sister. Right now it doesnt feel much different from when we have the winter break. During the winter we are used to being home for a few months but it is a strange feeling to be here when its getting warm outside and the sun is out.

How is your contact with Hitech? Are you able to do much?

We just keep in touch and have some talks and keep people informed of whats happening with the situation when we could restart. We have discussed a few things like we normally would about the car, we had been lucky enough to test in Bahrain so at least we can make that work useful and try to improve the new car when we get back.

Talking about the Bahrain test with Hitech, how did you find the new car for 2020 versus prior years?

Honestly, it is just a matter of how the driver likes it or not. The car is not faster or slower than it was last year, it’s just the feelings of the new car and wheels.

From what I’m used to with the car and talking fast corners, the car is much much better on lateral load. For me, that is better because I tend to push quite a lot. The bad I guess is that the cars a heavier because of the new rims, it would have been nice to have a little less weight too.

Tell us what you’re doing to occupy your time during this delay in the season?

A lot of SIM racing, which I think is quite common now from us drivers now. I think SIM racing really exploded in the past month so I have been trying to keep up with tall of that. Not on it all day but about one or two hours each day I would say.

I have been training too, I was lucky enough to be able to go to the gym I normally go to and take some of the things I had there before lockdown and bring them back home. That was literally the day before lockdown started which was lucky before they closed everything so at least I can train well each day.

As you mentioned there are plenty of drivers from different Formulas getting involved with online competitions to help pass their time ¦ Tell us what youre involved with? 

Honestly, I think I’ve been doing all of them.

They are all good tools to use, there are championships in all of them. I use Assetto Corso a lot here in Italy, also i use iRacing quite a bit as they have some good races with all the past drivers “Real racers never quit” which was a lot of fun.

Many people are streaming box-sets to pass the time ¦ Whats are you watching at the moment?

Ive been watching so many series especially on Netflix, I dont even remember all the names.

I have found lots of movies about F1 with Williams and McLaren and I would recommend those to race fans. they are a nice way to keep in the racing mood.

Tell us about any hobbies that are not car-related?

A family company my father has creating RC Cars and I do that when I have some free time. Im good at 3D design so I work on the design office and help with the design for the parts. Its a good way to learn how a car works, The RC cars work the same way as any car such as an F2 car to scale; it’s useful for me to know all those details.

Have you thought about learning, or trying anything brand new during the lockdown?

The thing Ive improved and work on is my cooking, I didnt spend much time before! Of course, I live with my family my mother is here so I dont need too but now is a good time to improve my cooking skills for the future.

Are you eating well then?

Luckily for me, I burn everything I cook so thats not a problem, the weight is still as good as it was in Bahrain.

How about your training regime? Have you had to adapt your training programme during the lockdown? 

Yeah of course, when you train at home its more aerobic, so I have been running more than I usually do as I have a treadmill at home and also now we are allowed to go outside a bit once per day so I can even go outside now and run.

Apart from that really when you talk about weights and muscle training, thats the part I have lost time on compared to what I was used too.

With neck training, which is really important for us, I have been able to do that as you dont need any special tool for it as long as I have a chair and something to lay the head-on.

The rest we will have to take a bit of time to work on when we get back such as arms and the legs muscles.

If you watched one of your races back, which would it be and why?

Oh, for me its easily Bahrain race two last year, it was by far I think the most exciting race in my whole career. I would watch that a thousand times.

It’s a challenging time for many people at the moment, do you have a message for insideF2 followers and race fans?

Well, first of all, I hope they are all safe, healthy, and respecting the rules of lockdown. Even though its a small thing to do it will help us all in this situation.

And secondly, I hope we will be racing soon!

It’s boring to stay at home but as I mentioned as I’m SIM racing so if anyone wants to spend some time in their day they can find me online for a race I would love too, Im on many of the racing platforms.

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*Image Credit: LAT Images / FIA F2 Championship

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Speed and Sounds with Luca Ghiotto Speed and Sounds - FIA Formula 2 News