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Home While Away Sean Gelael

Home While Away Sean Gelael Formula 2 - FIA Formula 2 News

Are you sitting at home and missing Formula 2 as much as we are here at InsideF2?

If like us, you’ve been wondering what some of the drivers are doing to occupy themselves while away from the track. 

We caught up with DAMS driver Sean Gelael, to ask him how he’s spending his time during this global Coronavirus lockdown. 



Tell us what you’re doing to occupy your time during the delay?

We’re all trying to help each other however we can back at home and in terms of our businesses. Media-wise we’re supporting charities to help doctors, other medical personnel and supporting those who are losing jobs during the pandemic. 

Are you at home with loved ones?

I’ve been at home in Jakarta for a while now and I’m with my family. We were just about to leave for the Bahrain F2 race, so it was a convenient time if there is such a thing for this situation.

There are a few drivers from different Formulas getting involved with online competitions to help pass their time. Tell us what you’re involved with?

I do play games with my friends a lot, one of the streams too. We play NBA 2K together and I think about it a lot when I’m not playing it. But now I’m on my home simulator regularly to kind of stay in shape and I’m posting videos of it on my YouTube channel (gelaelized) so check those out! It’s just some funny stuff which I think is quite cool.


Home While Away Sean Gelael Formula 2 - FIA Formula 2 News


Are you a part of any live challenges with any other drivers or team members? 

I’m mostly doing stuff with friends at home or from the company. I’ve been active with some sim racing, I did one of the Veloce races but I also like iRacing and I do some other stuff privately. That keeps me entertained.

Are you any good?

Very good!

Tell us about the music you listen to, What are your recent downloads? 

I’m not actually listening to a lot of music right now. I do like old stuff, classics like from the 90s and 2000s, hip-hop, R&B, classic rock, those genres. I hear some others on the radio but I like the old school stuff more.

What’s the last song you listened to?

“Purple Rain” because I was training in the gym with my parents and they love 80s hits.

Many people are watching box-sets or media channels such as Netflix to pass the time? What’s on your big screen?

My mum is an actress and entertainer, she’s quite famous in Indonesia so my top movies are Any Given Sunday, Shawshank Redemption and either Training Day or Seven. I really like watching Suits, Billions, Sons of Anarchy, Entourage and Gossip Girl on TV. I also like a lot of anime, Dragon Ball Z, Yugioh, and One Punch Man which is quite new. I still have a few to watch but I really like them.

Tell us about any hobbies that are not car or race-related? 

I’m a big basketball fan, it was a big part of my culture growing up so I love playing but we can’t right now because of the pandemic. 

I guess food is kind of a hobby because I grew up around that industry. Everyone loves food! 

That and music would be my top three. Although I’m not listening to a lot at the moment it can be great for motivation.

Have you thought about learning, or trying anything new during the lockdown? Or, been inspired once the restrictions are lifted?

Right now, I don’t think there’s anything new I’d particularly like to learn, but rather perfect what I’m already doing.

Let’s get physical! Have you had to adapt your training programme during the lockdown? 

Funnily enough, my trainer came to London with me to then go to Bahrain, but then obviously the schedule changed and he is actually with me now. 

I have a gym at home so fortunately, I can still do a lot of stuff and from a training point of view, it’s going really well. I’m keeping race-ready.

I do have access to the gym and all the equipment at home. We also have a pool and a garden in the back so we did some golfing for a bit. Basically, my day is wake up in the morning, have a conference call meeting, lunch, then train and some more meetings, then sims in the evening because it’s a bit more European-time friendly.

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Day 22 of #stayathome mood… @kingryang teach me 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

A post shared by Sean Gelael (@gelaelized) on Apr 5, 2020 at 2:50am PDT


If you watched one of your own races back, which would it be and why?

I guess it’s good to watch yourself do well, but it’s also good to see what other people are doing in races when you’re not as strong. 

Which driver past or present would you like as a teammate? Why?

I’ve had a lot of really strong team-mates, I’m quite privileged to have worked alongside some great drivers. Antonio Giovinazzi, Mitch Evans, Tom Blomqvist, among many I respected a lot. I wouldn’t trade them for anyone else.

Do you have a message for Formula 2 fans?

I know you all miss sport right now, we miss driving and providing action for you to enjoy. Hopefully, this will end soon. Until then, stay at home and keep fighting for the cause. Believe, pray and do everything right and we’ll be back to normal as soon as possible. That’s what we all want and we all have the power to help.


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By L.A.Wilshaw

*Image Credit: LAT Images / FIA F2 Championship

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Home While Away Sean Gelael Formula 2 - FIA Formula 2 News