Ilott’s ‘Live Chat’ Following His Feature Race Victory!

Ilott’s ‘Live Chat’ Following His Feature Race Victory!

Ilott’s ‘Live Chat’ Following His Feature Race Victory! Ilott - FIA Formula 2 News

Callum Ilott won the second British Formula 2 Feature Race today In style.

Leading from the front he controlled the race convincingly from the start. He now leads to Formula 2 Championship by 17 Points.

Afterwards Ilott popped online for an Instagram Live chat with @fiaf2championship answering fan questions.

He stated he was feeling “a bit tired but pretty happy” after today’s epic win.

Already looking forward to tomorrow’s Sprint Race he said he wants as many points as possible to continue his good run and performance.

He was relaxed throughout and spun in his chair, seemingly savouring the question about which future tracks would he like to see added to the calendar?

Suzuka in a Formula 2 car, and Mugello would be interesting for our car.

We all know about Ilott’s singing talent (that he’s now refuted) but if he wasn’t a racing driver he said he’d probably be a swimmer:

I used to swim I was quite good. I’d probably alright if I bothered to train enough.

Although he laughed and said he’s only good at racing.

One of his frustrations is that people often misspell his surname:

It’s very painful. Especially now a lot more people speak about me. I don’t understand why they have to make the letter ‘i’ look like the letter ‘L‘.

Rant over… I can’t carry on with that.

Discussing the wearing of face masks, he said:

I prefer not, obviously we have to. It’s not the most comfortable thing. It’s a sacrifice we have to make. But if it means going racing then we have to wear them.

He was quick to answer the question about his favourite circuit, stating Monaco.

He feels like the Championship is missing out with not attending this season, and because he’s pretty nippy around the Principality he’s definitely missing out from not going there.

He spoke enthusiastically about today’s Formula 2 Feature Race, stating the tyres were never perfect.

First run the car wasn’t great. Made a few tuning things to make it right. The closer the car is to what you prefer. It definitely helps.

I felt like I deserved the win. I dominated. Home race – great! It was great to come away with the win.

It was quite a long race. I got the start right. I had to extend my first stint by one lap otherwise I would have missed out on a couple of seconds to let some cars by. So it worked out well in the end.

I think I extended the gap to Christian and then from there I kept it on track.

It wasn’t easy. The wind was in a different direction than it had been this week and last week – Which made the car very twitchy on the high speeds.

It was just really good to come away with the win. We should’ve done it last week but I can’t get any better this week.

He finished his Instagram Live chat by stating:

I’m really happy. Great job to the team!


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Ilott’s ‘Live Chat’ Following His Feature Race Victory! Ilott - FIA Formula 2 News