Lundgaard Up for Another Podium

Lundgaard Up for Another Podium

The Formula 2 Debrief – Round 2 Debrief Austria - FIA Formula 2 News

Lundgaard Up for Another Podium

Formula 2 returns to Silverstone this weekend for another round of the 2020 season.

Christian Lundgaard managed to score a second place in the Sprint Race at Silverstone and will be hoping to do the same or get a podium in the Feature Race, which pays out more points for the standings.

The Renault junior was on it in the first round at Silverstone and will be hoping that the experience gained will help him out in the second weekend at the same track.

With seven different winners from the first eight races and the field so close in terms of skill, Lundgaard will need to stay on top of his car and tyres if he wants to take another podium or even a win.

Christian Lundgaard said:

I’ve never been a fan of Silverstone, to be honest, but I know a lot of drivers really like it. After last weekend I wouldn’t say I have anything against it and the pace showed that even if you don’t like the track, you can still be fast. I felt very comfortable in the car, so it did change my opinion slightly, but it’s still not my favourite circuit.

I’ve never thought I’d get a podium here, but I’ve now achieved that and ticked that box. That’s a good memory that I’ll have for a long time.

It’s a high-speed circuit, and that’s cool. It’s very difficult for a driver, not just to take care of the tyres but also physically. I like that because it’s a challenge. It’s the home of motorsport with a lot of F1 teams based nearby, and Renault at Enstone is not far away.

Tyre management is 100% key. It’s basically what it’s all about in F2. It’s very tough on the front left here, and the whole left side of the car is put under a lot of stress. It’s a big factor to take care of, and it’s difficult because the track goes clockwise. Managing tyres is probably the most important thing is the race. You can make as good a car as you want, but the driver makes a bigger difference when it comes to that.

I’ve made a prediction for this weekend, but I don’t want to spoil it! I’ll see if I’m right. We had strong pace last weekend, but We’ll have to improve that. We have a good knowledge of what we can improve, and how we can improve it, so we’ll be trying different things, I’m excited to see if I can do better.

Lundgaard will be hoping that he can score a second podium in as many weekends when Formula 2 returns to the track. is your home for Formula 2

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The Formula 2 Debrief – Round 2 Debrief Austria - FIA Formula 2 News