The Garage

This is your team garage, see it as the place you get into the pits to get a new set of wheels, a fresh pair of gloves and get your visor wiped. 

Below are links to the most commonly used documents you may need as a member of of the team. 



This document outlines the correct wording needed upon submitting your copy. Please ensure this is familiar and followed so as to avoid work bouncing back from our Editing team.


This is our shared writers task list. Please keep a regular look at pending tasks and add your name to any task you wish to take on.


This is a folder created for information purposes. It will be updated ahead of the race weekend when published by FIA Formula 2. *DO NOT SHARE THIS CONTENT.


Writers can request interviews if they have discussed in advance with a senior manager. We have an agreed process for logging contacts. This shared sheet highlights who has been contacting. This function is key to avoid contacting the same people simultaneously.