Monaco Formula 2 Qualifying Layout

Monaco Formula 2 Qualifying Layout

Monaco Formula 2 Qualifying Layout  - FIA Formula 2 News

Due to the nature of the Monaco street circuit, FIA Formula 2 have changed their usual structure for qualifying to avoid traffic issues.

Since the lap is short and the track is narrow, to avoid any problems in qualifying, the session will be split into two. Those who race with even numbers will take part in the first session at 13:20 to 13:36, local time (CEST).

Those who race with odd numbers will qualify in the second half of the session at 13:44 to 14:00 (CEST). Both sessions will be 16 minutes long.

To avoid any unfair advantages surrounding track temperature or grip levels, the times of each session will not be compared to make the grid. Instead, each group will start on a different side of the grid.  Whoever is fastest between both groups will start on pole, whoever is fastest in the other group will start second on the grid. The rest of the grid will follow the same pattern.

In case you need a list of the numbers to figure out who is qualifying in which group, the F2 website put up a useful list.

If you missed Bahrain and the new weekend format for Formula 2, qualifying will set the grid for the Feature Race. Due to the action starting on Thursday, the Feature Race will take place on Saturday instead of Sunday (just for Monaco).

This is a format that was talked about often for different series and tracks when it was first introduced and is usually mentioned again around Monza qualifying. It helps to reduce the risk of crashes by minimising the number of cars on track since closing speeds are a common issue at some tracks during qualifying. It also gives all of the drivers more of a chance to put a lap in.

Let us know your opinions on this format. Do you think other tracks should take on the same idea? Tweet us and let us know!

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