New Approach for Nissany

New Approach for Nissany

New Approach for Nissany New Approach for Nissany - FIA Formula 2 News

FIA Formula 2 driver, Roy Nissany isn’t keeping it a secret that he’s finding new sources of inspiration. The DAMS driver, has been taking note of world class tennis champions, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic in his quest for perfection.

Noting the tension between the players getting higher during the recent Italian Open Final, Nissany considered how each player individually responded.

“Nadal was able to keep up his rhythm and his same body movements and maintaining his pressure throughout.”

Nissany compared Djokovic’s performance. How he was spot on but then lost it at one point. The Israel born driver considered that could happen to him during the Monaco race.

“I  took this conclusion to see that I don’t have to be spot on and push throughout the whole race, but rather have my pace and rhythm and keep it throughout, and I applied it and it worked.”

In response to being asked if he has adopted a new approach because of the tennis match, and the learning from Bahrain, Nissany said:

“I think the race in Bahrain didn’t really show our full potential and the work we’ve done since then has been massive and very through.

“Hard work pays off and we see it here. It’s not always so clear. In Bahrain it was foggy what was going on there.

“Testing in Barcelona, we already showed improvement, and applying it here on track in qualifying and finishing the race [in P3], is the fruits of the work.”

Nissany had stated pre-race that Monaco was all about, ‘the mental game.’  And that he would be, ‘targeting points rather than glory’.

Every driver wants to be the race winner, but in Monaco, some drivers would agree that to stand on the podium in any position is glory enough.

Image Credit: Formula Motorsport Limited

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