Pirelli’s Simone Berra discusses Former F2 Champ Schumacher’s F1 Tyre Testing

Pirelli’s Simone Berra discusses Former F2 Champ Schumacher’s F1 Tyre Testing

Pirelli’s Simone Berra discusses Mick Schumacher & Formula 1 tyre testing

Mick Schumacher drew comparisons between his previous experience in Formula 2 and the tyre testing session, following his participation in the recent Formula 1 test with Pirelli at Barcelona.

At the Formula 1 test with Pirelli at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Mick Schumacher took part & later drew comparisons to his previous experience in Formula 2, where tyre blankets are not allowed.

As F1 plans to ban tyre blankets in 2024, Schumacher’s feedback on the matter has become significant.

The elimination of tyre blankets has faced criticism, however, several current F1 drivers have transitioned from Formula 2.  However, Schumacher, the former series winner and now a Haas driver, provided an interesting perspective on the issue when approached by Pirelli engineers, according to Pirelli chief engineer Simone Berra.

“He commented that the level of performance or the level of management was similar to what he was used to in F2 with no blankets,” Berra revealed to the media. “That for us means that we are almost at the target, and then he said obviously that an F1 car is a different car, so you need to be more careful when you go out with no blankets and low temperatures.”

Berra also explained that Schumacher needed to adapt to the new tyre specifications. “The feedback at the end was fine. It’s more difficult to take into account Mick’s feedback because he is not used to driving this year, and it was his first test with no blankets, so it was his first approach with this methodology,” Berra added. “There was a first run where he adapted his driving style to suit these changes.”

Toto Wolff, Mercedes Team Principal, has commended Schumacher’s abilities and expressed his belief that teams are missing out by not including him in their driver line-ups.

The Austrian Grand Prix is scheduled for Sunday, 2 July, at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria.

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Pirelli’s Simone Berra discusses Mick Schumacher & Formula 1 tyre testing