Pouchaire’s Special Helmet for Monaco

Pouchaire’s Special Helmet for Monaco

FIA Formula 2 will be racing this weekend on the streets of Monte Carlo, Théo Pourchaire will be hoping he has a repeat of last year’s fortunes.

The Frenchman shared a special edition helmet for the Monaco Grand Prix, this is the first time Pourchaire introduces a new helmet design in his F2 career. Choosing the Monaco Grand Prix was no coincidence following the drivers’ victory last season. 

The helmet features a change in colors, Pourchaire usually races with his neon yellow helmet with the French flag strap, and a few details in red; however, for this race, he wanted to honor Monaco and used only red, white, and black.

“It’s a big change because yellow is one of my favorite colors and I’ve been using it for a long time throughout my racing career. Right now, it’s the white and red of Monaco, with carbon black details, which looks very good. I really like this helmet.” 

The ART Grand Prix driver felt encouraged to use the first helmet design in Monaco because he considers this track to be the “most beautiful” and “most legendary” race on the calendar.

Pourchaire also mentioned a superstition behind the number on his helmet. He said that the number 21 “follows him everywhere” and says if possible he will always race with the number 21 on his helmet. 

Théo Pourchaire showed his excitement towards the news of bringing Paul Riccard back to the F2 calendar, he has already considered using another design for the round on home soil.

Image: Formula Motorsport Limited

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