Pulling: “Pressure is a privilege” ahead of final F1 Academy round

Pulling: “Pressure is a privilege” ahead of final F1 Academy round

PullingPulling: “Pressure is a privilege” ahead of final F1 Academy round

F1 Academy driver Abbi Pulling says, “Pressure is a privilege at the end of the day” ahead of the series’ final round.

The category will be under the microscope of Formula 1 as the championship is on its support bill for the US Grand Prix.

Pulling spoke to insideF2 at Brands Hatch about thriving amongst the added pressure of racing under the nose of F1.

“Pressure is a privilege at the end of the day. It’s only a good thing to have that many eyes watching you and promoting obviously all the girls in the championship, but promoting females in the sport, I think, is such a big thing. 

“That’s another step in what is happening in today’s society, really, really pushing females in motorsport. It’s only positive.

“The 10-year-olds watching it will make that difference and coming through that.

“The aim at the end of the day is to get the first female Formula 1 driver and it’s got to be someone that deserves it. 

“This spotlight that’s on females at the moment, it’s such a good time to be a female in motorsport.”

The British driver sits fifth in the championship with one event remaining at Circuit of the Americas in Texas.

Pulling is eagerly anticipating the final event of 2023 and having more fans trackside than other F1 Academy races.

“Going from Paul Ricard, where we were a standalone event, it was only not many spectators, to going to COTA where it’s most likely going to be 400,000 trackside attendances, I really look forward to it. 

“I think that’s what makes the event having all the spectators. It makes the race weekend that much more exciting and speaking to people and having interactions.”

The Alpine Academy member has scored six podiums this season but is yet to deliver a victory for Rodin Carlin.

The 20-year-old delved into the importance of stringing together a strong weekend and concentrating on each detail rather than the event as a whole.

“It’s not about focusing on having a stellar weekend. It’s about just putting everything together, and then that will equate to a stellar weekend. 

“I think we’ve had one thing there, but something missing there. I’ve not quite put it together.

“I think as long as we put it together, it’ll be a great weekend. Really looking forward to that and claiming as many points as possible for the team and for myself.”

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PullingPulling: “Pressure is a privilege” ahead of final F1 Academy round