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It felt it right to write this publication referring to Mr.S as simply Mick.

I like many feel compelled to constantly mention his iconic father every single time I mention him.  It’s unavoidable and a weight Mick surely carries himself but we really need to judge him on his own merits.

Is Mick quick enough to make it into F1 or will he be swept on an emotional wave through the categories because of his surname?

Looking at his career we can not hide the fact he won the F.I.A Formula 3 European Championship in 2018 and therefore showing he has the ability to make his own waves through motorsport.

But does that really answer the question? if it did we would see 2012 Champion David Juncadella or 2013 Champion Raffaele Marciello in F1 as veterans now.

We do on the contrary see some progression through the Junior Championships with F3 titles from Esteban Ocon, Lance Stroll, and Lando Noris so there is plenty of examples in recent times that winning the third tier can indeed translate into an F1 seat.

But to the untrained eye, there is a catch here, Prema are serial winners and only one Driver from the above-named drivers dating back to 2012 have won a title that didn’t drive for Prema and that was Lando Norris in his Carlin. Prema, in fact, has won all of the Team Championships in the third tier since 2012 and in many ways is seen as the Mercedes of the series.

So are we saying if we put Roman Grosjean in the 2019 Mercedes he would have toppled Lewis Hamilton? Who knows but I think we all agree that Grosjean may have finished second.

Mick had some great performances in the 2019 season and really did make his mark. If the Prema team had better reliability through the season it could have been a really promising position for the drivers. So many DNF’s cost them in both championships so we can only judge Mick on the races he did finish. If we look at those its clear that we have a great driver on our hands and that in reality campaigning him at such a young age to any F1 driver let alone an F1 champion is simply unfair.

Only time will tell if we really can answer the question; “Is Mick Quick?” but one thing is for sure he will need to show progress this season following a 12th Place finish in the F.I.A F2 Championship in 2019.

2020 we all hope that Mick has the reliability needed to show what he can do. With possible movements in 2021 and 2022 in Formula 1 its all for the taking for many of the grid this year.

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Speed or Surname mick Schumacher Prema formula 2 - FIA Formula 2 News