Stewart enjoys British F4 car despite karting contrasts

Stewart enjoys British F4 car despite karting contrasts

Oliver Stewart enjoys British F4 car despite the contrast to karts

Oliver Stewart says single-seater cars contrast hugely to karts but they are enjoyable to drive.

Stewart will be making the step up to British F4 from karting with Hitech Grand Prix.

The British driver finished second in the IAME Warriors Final – X30 Junior in 2021 for Jade Racing Team.

The 15-year-old discussed the differences between karts and cars and said via the British F4 Youtube channel: “A single seater compared to a kart is very different, there is a lot of differences in aerodynamics and braking.

There is a lot more brake pressure required in the car and kartings a lot more basic but yeah, a lot of things can carry forward from karting to cars. It’s very very fast and technical but this year we’re getting there with that, it’s just really enjoyable.”

Hitech also has a deep rooted network of teams on the Road to F1 ladder with entries in F2, F3 and British F4.

Stewart has been reaping the rewards of this by training with FIA Formula 2 driver Marcus Armstrong: “I mean yesterday I was doing it with Marcus Armstrong so that was good experience but they’ve got a lot of experience and they’re a really good team without them I wouldn’t be where I am right now so yeah it’s great.”

Hitech’s new recruit also kept his targets for the upcoming season to a minimum and said: “Well I don’t really have any expectations for the first year it’s just to try and do the best I possibly can and make the most of it and see what comes of it.

Of course I want to do well and try and win the championship but that’s a big ask in the first year but I’ll just give it everything I’ve got and see what happens.”

The British F4 campaign begins on the 22nd of April at Donington Park and includes a grid full of talent hosting a trio of Formula 1 juniors. is your home for Formula 2

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Oliver Stewart enjoys British F4 car despite the contrast to karts