Taylor Barnard Clinches Maiden F2 Victory in Chaotic Monaco Sprint Race

Taylor Barnard Clinches Maiden F2 Victory in Chaotic Monaco Sprint Race

Taylor Barnard Clinches Maiden F Victory in Chaotic Monaco Sprint Race Insidef com

Taylor Barnard Clinches Maiden F2 Victory in Chaotic Monaco Sprint Race

Taylor Barnard emerged victorious in a dramatic FIA Formula 2 Sprint Race in Monte Carlo today, securing his first points of the season in style. The AIX Racing driver dominated the race, finishing over five seconds ahead of Gabriel Bortoleto despite a late red flag leading to a five-lap dash to the finish.

Barnard, who had not scored any points prior to this race, showcased composure and skill, effectively managing the pressure from his competitors throughout the event. As is often the case in Monaco, the race was filled with incidents, invoking the safety car, virtual safety car, and red flags.

The race’s first major incident occurred just after the start. Victor Martins, who had shown impressive pace in practice, sustained significant front-left suspension damage after a collision with Jak Crawford sent him into the Sainte Devote barriers. This early crash brought out the safety car.

Upon the restart, Dennis Hauger, running in third, had a close call when he brushed the barriers at Antony Noghes but managed to continue without substantial damage. However, Pepe Marti was not as fortunate. On lap six, he lost control at the Swimming Pool complex, scraping along the barriers and summoning another safety car intervention.

Typical Monaco Drama

Oliver Bearman encountered trouble on lap 14, replicating Hauger’s earlier mistake at Antony Noghes but with more severe consequences. Bearman’s impact caused steering damage, and a brief power loss through the tunnel saw him drop to P14, effectively ending his chances for points.

The most significant incident occurred on lap 22, involving championship leader Zane Maloney and Williams junior Zak O’Sullivan. After initial contact at the Grand Hotel hairpin, a subsequent collision at Rascasse left Maloney facing the wrong way, prompting a red flag. Maloney accused O’Sullivan of brake-checking, but it was ultimately Juan Manuel Correa’s contact that spun him around. This incident is under investigation post-race.

Final Laps

The race resumed with a rolling restart, and Andrea Kimi Antonelli, who had fitted supersoft tyres, aimed to challenge for a podium finish. Despite his efforts, Barnard maintained his lead, followed by Bortoleto and Hauger, who completed the podium.

Maloney, despite not scoring, retains his position at the top of the standings. Paul Aron, finishing seventh, scored two points, narrowing the gap to Maloney to just three points.

Barnard’s win marks him as the seventh different F2 race winner this season, highlighting the competitiveness of the 2024 championship. His victory, coming from a previously scoreless position, underscores the unpredictability and excitement of Formula 2 racing.

As the teams and drivers reflect on a chaotic yet thrilling race in Monaco, they will look ahead to the Feature Race and the main points scoring of the weekend.

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Image: Formula Motorsport Limited

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Taylor Barnard Clinches Maiden F Victory in Chaotic Monaco Sprint Race Insidef com