If like many of us you are a bit busy with other things at the moment and feel like you may not have time to keep on top of what your favourite FIA Formula 2 drivers are up too, let us spare you the time and allow us to bring‘s favourite posts this week across all their stories and platforms.

Here are our favourite Insta Stories of the week

Jack Aitken | Instagram

#LeMans24Virtual was big event of the week and Jack and his team at @RebellionRacing / @WilliamsEsports finished in 3rd 🏁 🏆  Massive well done!

Felipe Drugovich | Instagram

The Brazilian driver is hard at work at his Italian base! Counting down the days until making his Formula 2 debut.


Marcus Armstrong | Twitter

Marcus Armstrong was looking back at his extreme GoPro’ing so close to an electrical fence! He seems to be giving that cow an unnecessarily hard time 🐄 🤦🏻 😂

Louis Deletraz | Twitter

This is actually from the WEC @FIAWEC twitter! Louis and his teammates at @RebellionRacing / @WilliamsEsports finished in 1st at the #LeMans24Virtual  🏁 🏆  WHOOOP! It’s been an impressive set of results all the way through the lockdown period from the Swiss driver. Let’s see if his form will carry over onto the real racing next month!

Giuliano Alesi | Twitter

Giuliano doesn’t tweet so much but looks like his hand was forced this week 😂



That’s the Sunday Social for this week!
We hope you had a great week and we will see you tomorrow for another one!
Let us know your thoughts @F2inside on Twitter by sharing this post. If you saw something we missed we will give you a shout out next week in the post.
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Media Team

Media Team


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