We have a look at some of the posts you may have missed and some of our favourites from the world of the FIA Formula 2 Championship.

With all the eSports going on, we are all loving that we get to see the drivers from all Formula’s without their helmets on and seeing their human side.

On social media, we get a mixed bag from the grid with some only posting once in a blue moon, while others give us a real insight into their daily lives and routines.

Check out this‘s favourite posts from the FIA Formula 2 Drivers


Nobu MAT | 松下信治 @Nobu_Mat13

Mr. Matsushita is back again following last weeks push up challenge, this week he is reminiscing on better days in Baku when we went racing! We definitely do miss the live-action too Nobuharu.



Marcus Armstrong | FaceBook

Marcus Armstrong may not be able to hit the road in any way at the moment but that’s not stopping him getting some sort of wheel-based action out of the virtual world! Giro d’Kiwi 🚴‍♀️🇳🇿


Jack Aitken | Instagram

Jack Aitken launched one of the Vlogs we become accustomed to last season and this year as he mentioned to insideF2 in our Speed of Sounds feature, the Vlogs have had a sprinkle of production magic for this season! We look forward to seeing more when we get racing 🎥🎬


Felipe Drugovich | Instagram


Felipe has been busy on the SIM like many of his counterparts, “Race for Health” was all for a good cause and we believe they have raised circa $50,000 thus far! Muito Bem Felipe! 🙌🏻



Callum Ilott | Twitter

This was certainly one of the funnier posts this week as we got a glimpse of 50+ drivers on the grid and the epic chaos that would insue! it would be F1’s Spa 1998 every corner if we lived this in reality 😂


Jean Todt | Twitter

Not strictly Formula Two but Mr.Todt and the whole motorsport community paid our tributes to two drivers

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