Ticktum Down But Not Out

Ticktum Down But Not Out

Ticktum Down But Not Out Ticktum Down But Not Out - FIA Formula 2 News

Earning third place in the Monza Feature Race, Dan Ticktum is still very much in the running to win the FIA Formula 2 championship this season.

He’s one of just three drivers who have secured a podium place on every race weekend so far, along with Oscar Piastri and Guanyu Zhou, who are ahead of him in the championship.

Ticktum’s Monza weekend has been mixed. Retiring in the first Sprint Race, he missed out on the points in the second.

“I was sent out at the wrong time in quali, but it was a collective decision. Then I scored no points on Saturday.”

The British driver has had a diverse career, and an honesty that he feels doesn’t suit all parties within the Formula 1 paddock.

“I don’t really fit the modern Formula 1 driver mould. But it’s life.

“We live in a world where our sport is very political and unjust and the best drivers or most talented sometimes don’t get to the top.”

Ticktum recently left the Williams young driver program, which takes certain advantages and career opportunities away.

“I’m pretty sad to have parted ways with Williams. Never say never, I’m a very fast driver. Maybe there’ll be a way back into Formula 1 one day but it isn’t looking promising.

“My chances of getting into Formula 1 have pretty much gone. That’s the reality unfortunately.”

“I don’t know many drivers who where booted out of two programs. Sound harsh but that’s what’s happened.

“Whether that’s my fault or not, I’ve opened my mouth far too many times and said things I shouldn’t have said. But, I am who I am.”

Regarding the reasons as to why he left the Williams team he stated, “I can’t give details on why we parted ways. It’s a number of reasons to be honest. There wouldn’t have been a drive for me next year anyway with Nicholas Latifi extending his contract.”

It’s perhaps understandable the Carlin driver isn’t feeling positive about his Formula 1 future, as he reflected on 2021 as a whole:

“It’s been a pretty tough season on and off the track. It’s not been the greatest year for me. It’s been very mentally challenging.”

His 2021 season hasn’t been as smooth a ride as he would have liked compared to others on the grid:

“Drivers complain of bad luck and the reality is I’ve had quite a lot of it this year.”

Comparing his results to the rest of the field, Ticktum is fairing better than most. He’s earned a second place in the Bahrain Feature Race, a classified win in the second Monaco Sprint, P2 in the first Baku Sprint Race, and last time out at Silverstone, he did the double, finishing on the third step in Sprint Race 2, and a second in Sunday’s Feature Race.

He currently sits fourth in the Drivers’ Championship, 45 points behind leader, Piastri.

What is worth bearing in mind is that the feeder series drivers are young and developing and maturing before the world’s eyes. Their unique personalities shouldn’t take precedent over their natural born talent, as it deprives the sport of potential greatness:

“I’m changing and hopefully I’ll get some good opportunities in the future. I don’t know what I’m going to do next year but I’m sure I can be valuable to another F1 team or somewhere over the pond.”

Image Credit: Formula Motorsport Limited

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Ticktum Down But Not Out Ticktum Down But Not Out - FIA Formula 2 News