Track Limit Violations at Spielberg

Track Limit Violations at Spielberg

Track Limit Violations at Spielberg

During the FIA Formula 2 Practice and Qualifying sessions today in Spielberg, the race stewards were dishing out the track limit violations, and summoning drivers to investigations afterwards.

After Pole sitter for Sunday’s Feature Race, Frederik Vesti, saw a couple of lap times deleted in both the Practice and Qualifying sessions, the top three were all asked by insideF2 and other selected media outlets about the track limits:

ART Driver, Frederik Vesti:

“There’s no grass in these places where we get the track limits. With the kerb and the tarmac being there it just makes it so easy to be tempted to carry a bit too much speed.

“The good thing is it’s punished quite hard. You can’t get away with doing it andI think it makes it quite good for the racing.

“In Qualifying it’s tricky. We’re here to do the fastest lap as possible and you’re trying to maximise everything, and mistakes happen; it happened to me as well. And in the races it can be quite tough with the dirty air, and trying to overtake. But it’s for each driver to manage and the rules are quite clear.”

Hitech’s Jüri Vips:

“There’s undulation on this track and a bit of a dip in the last corner. It makes it quite easy if you don’t hit it perfectly to end up quite wide. There’s a couple of these corners here, which is quite easy to do naturally.

“The last time I was here in F3, it was a bit more lenient. With the rules how they are now, with the dirty air and fighting in the races I think it could be quite a factor.”

Carlin’s Logan Sargeant:

“The track’s just very inviting to take you off and we’re pushing the limits. It’s such fine margins as it is and you’re trying to maximise it. It’s just really inviting and easy to go over the line.

“[In the Sprint and Feature Races] we’re definitely going to have to make sure we’re under the limit to make sure we don’t get any track limit violations.”

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Track Limit Violations at Spielberg