Trident Suffer Another Pointless Race

Trident Suffer Another Pointless Race

Trident Suffer Another Pointless Race Trident - FIA Formula 2 News

Trident Suffer Another Pointless Race

It was another pointless Feature Race for Trident at the first weekend in Bahrain as both Roy Nissany and Marino Sato finished outside the points despite running in the points for several laps.

Nissany delivered a solid first stint of the race as he climbed up to sixth by lap 13. However, after his pitstop, Nissany was slowed down by traffic and was unable to get past, leaving him down in 15th at the end of the race. Sato, however, struggled to find any race pace and never managed to make a comeback, finishing in 20th.

Trident Team Manager, Giacomo Ricci, said: “In the first part of the Feature Race, our cars performed at fairly competitive levels. Nissany kept a good pace and was running just outside the top five. Unfortunately, there was a small mistake in the tire change that partially affected the result of the day. With the “Option” tyres, the ones with softer compound, the pace of our driver deteriorated. It’s a shame because we would have probably been able to finish in the top-8 and start at the front in the Sprint Race. Regarding Sato, his race did not offer any particular highlights and was less brilliant than the last few outings.”

Now Trident and their drivers will be hoping that the Sprint Race brings better results for the team so they can get on top of their problems in time for the finale next weekend.

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Picture Credit: (C) Formula Motorsport Limited

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Trident Suffer Another Pointless Race Trident - FIA Formula 2 News