Up Close & Personal with Jake Hughes

Up Close & Personal with Jake Hughes

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Up Close & Personal with Jake Hughes

During my recent interview with Jake [link here] I decided to have a little fun and discover more about his likes:

LA: What are your current favourite songs/playlists?

Jake: I’m quite a big fan of, A Boogie wit da Hoodie’s, Swervin.

(With his boyish angelic looks, it was quite a surprise to discover Jake likes UK Grime as well!)

Jake: So like, Dave, Stormzy…

LA: What was the last song you listened to?

Jake: The popular TikTok song, Mood, by 24kGoldn.

(I missed a trick here and should have asked Jake to teach me the dance… next time ;) )

LA: Can you sing?

Jake: I’m terrible. That’s the reason why I’m not singing, I’m completely tone-deaf. It’s a good job I can drive!

LA: If you were going to sum up last year’s Championship with a song, what would it be?

Jake: Ah, there’s got to be a rollercoaster name song somewhere. So many different emotions. Not knowing if racing would even start to begin with; DNF, race wins and all that.

LA: Imagine yourself in an escape room, with two drivers. Pick one from Formula 2 and one from Formula 3, who would you take with you?

Jake: I mean I’d probably take Callum from Formula 2. He’d be completely useless in helping me but he’d be a good laugh to be around… He won’t mind me saying that!

(Do you Callum? :oops: )

Jake: And, Formula 3, probably Enzo [Fittipaldi], my teammate. He’s special that kid. I’m not even talking about the driving. I’ve never met anyone quite like him. He’s just brilliant to be around. He’s completely different to anybody I’ve ever met. I feel like sometimes he comes across like, why the hell have you just said that? Are you being weird on purpose? And then the next thing he’ll say something that’s so intelligent or advanced – where the hell did that come from?

LA: Who would you like to win the Formula 2 Championship?

Jake: So there’s Mick [Schumacher], Callum [Ilott], Robert [Shwartzman], Yuki [Tsunoda], Maz [Nikita Mazepin]…

I’d want to see Callum. I know I would. Callum’s one of the fastest drivers I’ve ever come across, especially over one lap. So, I’ll probably say Callum. I don’t think he’s won a Championship yet. He’s won races everywhere he’s gone but I don’t think he’s won a Championship. Out of all of them I think he would need it the most, just to get to Formula 1. And I’d like to see him there.

(Here’s where we switched roles, and Jake became the interviewer…)

Jake: Can you tell me and Callum are kind of friends?

LA: Yeah, his best mate. :D
It’s good to hear because we’re huge fans of him here at insideF2 as well and we wish him all the best for his future.

It was fantastic to chat with Jake and discover the personality inside the helmet.

We here at insideF2 wish him a successful career in motorsport wherever his path leads. @1_LA


Watch Jake’s full Q&A here: 


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