Application Deadline:  February 26th, 2021

Audio Playlist Selector

Job Description

We are seeking an audio playlist selector to be responsible for selecting bespoke playlists on a monthly basis. These playlists aim to create the mood desired for the accompanying event.

To be successful, you should demonstrate good communication and teamwork skills, be highly creative, and be able to show a good knowledge of various genres of music. Having an eclectic taste to reflect the diverse playlists we aim to offer. 

This role is aimed at offering a platform to showcase and build experience while collaborating professionally.


      • Plan, prepare and create the bespoke playlists ahead of the required deadline for approval.
      • Some on-screen video promotion may be required on occasion to promote your selections via our own channels.


      • Candidates will be asked to create a sample playlist as part of the selection process.
      • Candidates must be familiar with Spotify. 
      • Can work and communicate and collaborate within a team.

        Time Requirement:

            • This is a flexible position. 
            • It would be estimated that two hours ahead of each weekend would be sufficient to create the playlist but you would manage your own time accordingly. 
            • Generally, contributions will be planned and completed ahead of a race weekend. 

Other Notes:

      • This role is unpaid but with offers and benefits via business partners.
      • The role in return offers a large and growing platform for your work.
      • Work will be credited to yourself in most situations.
      • Our workflow in itself offers professional experience with additional coaching and training.
      • We can offer professional references for your future career.

If you are looking to build a CV, develop skills and a portfolio of work for the future, follow the below link to let us know. 

Audio Playlist Selector


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