Application Deadline:  February 26th, 2021

Writer / Contributor

Job Description

We are always looking for passionate and knowledgeable Freelance Writers to generate stories and work to prescribed tasks.

These roles are aimed to offer a platform to showcase and build experience while collaborating professionally.

To ensure success as a Freelance Writer, you should be accustomed to working with various word processors. Ultimately, an outstanding Freelance Writer will tailor their writing style to accommodate both the style of our brand and the needs of different audiences.

Freelance Writer Responsibilities:

      • Formulating texts in accordance with prescribed editorial and formatting guidelines.
      • Communicating with the team and editors directly to ensure workflow methods are followed.
      • Informing the client of assignment-related difficulties as they are detected.
      • Ensuring that texts are properly researched, credible and engaging.
      • Maintaining originality in your work.
      • Proofreading your assignments to detect and correct errors.
      • Submitting completed works via the requisite channels.

Freelance Writer Requirements:

      • A passion to write, learn and deliver engaging content.
      • An understanding of FIA Formula 2 and general motorsports.
      • Prior writing experience or a portfolio of completed works is welcome but not a requirement.
      • Own personal or laptop computer with internet access.
      • Familiarity with mainstream word processing software.
      • Excellent communication and time management skills.
      • Capacity to work with minimal supervision and to meet deadlines.
      • A self-motivated, disciplined approach to work.

        Time Requirement:

            • This is a fully flexible position for writers wishing to contribute on both a regular and irregular basis. 
            • Some candidates may be assigned to specific tasks such as race reports and reviews. Availability through such events may be required if this is the case. 

Other Notes:

      • This role is for the most part unpaid.
      • Paid written roles are time specific and allocated by the Chief Editor. 
      • The role in return offers a large and growing platform for your work.
      • Your contributions will be publicly credited in most situations. 
      • Our workflow in itself offers professional experience with additional coaching and training.
      • We can offer professional references for your future career.

If you are looking to build a CV, develop skills and a portfolio of work for the future, follow the below link to let us know. 

Writer / Contributor