Application Deadline:  February 26th, 2021

LIVE Online Presenter

Job Description

We are seeking someone who has both a strong knowledge of FIA Formula 2 and past experience presenting ideally.

This role is video-based, in the form of a “watch-along” to compliment our LIVE BLOG feed for every race session. You should be able to produce and film the footage to the required standard. There may be fellow guests and interactions with followers through chat / comments. 

This roles are aimed to offer a platform to showcase and build experience while collaborating professionally.


      • Plan, prepare, and produce the recorded/live content.
      • Punctual and polite throughout. 
      • An informal and presentable presence in front of the camera. 
      • Understand the on-screen set management and principles of video presentation. This includes audio and lighting setup within your own domain. Training is given on this. 
      • Offer flexible availability for recording work throughout an FIA Formula 2 weekend.
      • Stay up-to-date with the FIA Formula 2 and watch all sessions through the weekend.
      • Understand the tone and context of work to permit the desired impression on behalf of the brand.


      • A portfolio of prior video presenting work is preferable.
      • Recording equipment is required for a minimum HD quality with video with audio recording equipment. Some of this will be subsidized if required. 
      • A keen eye and ear for details while able to multi-task, remaining composed and engage with collegues/viewer/followers.
      • Have some editing knowledge and software required. Training will be given. 
      • Good general etiquette and tone that reflects what we aim for as a brand.
      • Can work and communicate within a team.

        Time Requirement:

            • This role will require sufficient time to record through a race weekend and each session.

Other Notes:

      • This role is unpaid but with offers and benefits via business partners.
      • The role in return offers a large and growing platform for your work.
      • Work will be credited to yourself in most situations.
      • Our workflow in itself offers professional experience with additional coaching and training.
      • We can offer professional references for your future career.

If you are looking to build a CV, develop skills and a portfolio of work for the future, follow the below link to let us know. ,

LIVE Online Presenter


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