Verschoor Disqualified Over Throttle Map Violation; Hauger Inherits Jeddah F2 Win

Verschoor Disqualified Over Throttle Map Violation; Hauger Inherits Jeddah F2 Win

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Richard Verschoor was disqualified from victory in the Sprint Race of the FIA Formula 2 Championship’s second round in Jeddah for a technical infringement, handing MP Motorsport driver Dennis Hauger the race win.

Trident driver Verschoor and teammate Roman Stanek were both found to have breached the F2 technical regulations by having the incorrect throttle pedal progressivity map programmed in their Dallara F2 2024 machines before the Sprint Race. Stanek had originally finished 10th.

F2 technical delegate Florian Bartsch reported to the stewards that the throttle map in position 1 in both cars differed from what was specified in article 8.2.6 of the series’ technical regulations.

That article states, “Only clutch maps and throttle maps specified in the FIA F2 Team Documentation SFTP Area may be used. These maps must always be used according to their prescriptions.”

In their rulings that confirmed each car’s disqualification, the stewards wrote that Trident team manager Giacomo Ricci “admitted and confirmed that the incorrect map had been uploaded to the car ECU [electronic control unit]. He further explained that an error had been made when the maps were re-uploaded before the race by one of the team engineers who mistakenly used the map from the previous year.”

This is the second time Verschoor has lost an F2 race win to a technical infringement beyond his control. At the 2022 Spielberg F2 round, Verschoor won on the road in a wet-dry Feature Race but lost the result after his car was found to have only 31.3 grams of fuel in the tank rather than the required minimum of 800.

Verschoor drove a finely controlled race on Friday from second on the grid, taking the lead from pole sitter Paul Aron of Hitech GP on lap eight of 20 with a move down the inside at the first corner. Aron and later Hauger kept him honest throughout the remaining laps, but the Dutch driver crossed the line 0.728 seconds ahead of his Norwegian rival.

Such performances were what fourth-year F2 driver Verschoor hoped to deliver upon returning to Trident after spending last season with Van Amersfoort Racing.

“Coming back to Trident for me was something really nice,” Verschoor told InsideF2 in a press conference after the race. “I had a really good season in 2022. We had a lot of mechanical failures, which prevented us from fighting for the top three positions, but the main part of our races which we finished were actually quite good.

“And I’d always had a very good feeling with them. I really like the Italian people there. They have so good restaurants! It makes me faster as well.

“I mean, I just really wanted to go back. I’m happy to be there, and also I’m happy that even after a start in Bahrain that was really not the one we wanted, we still managed to turn it around now.” In Bahrain, Verschoor qualified 16th and failed to score points.

Verschoor starts the Jeddah Feature Race on Saturday afternoon from eighth on the grid, with Hauger one row ahead of him in sixth. Both drivers inherited one position on the grid as a result of pole sitter Ollie Bearman’s withdrawal from the round earlier on Friday to replace Carlos Sainz Jr at Ferrari for F1’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Credit: Diederik van der Laan / Dutch Photo Agency via Trident Motorsport is your home for Formula 2

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