Who will be the FIA Formula 2 Champion in 2024?

Who will be the FIA Formula 2 Champion in 2024?

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The 2024 FIA Formula 2 season is almost upon us, with the 14-round season kicking off on Thursday (29th February) in Bahrain.

The first race weekend of the season will see the Feature Race held on Saturday (2nd March), with the Sprint Race on Friday, due to the Muslim holiday of Ramadan.

With two rookies who starred in 2023 returning and some exciting young talent joining them on the grid, 2024 is set to be a season to remember in Formula 2.

We’ve asked our contributors who they think is the title-favourite heading into the new season AND who will be crowned FIA Formula 2 Champion in 2024.

Fraser Ford

Host of The F2 Show

Pre-season favourite: Oliver Bearman

The Brit demonstrated a few moments of magic in what was a very solid rookie season in Formula 2. If he can remain consistent throughout the season.

2024 F2 Champion: Oliver Bearman

I think he will just nab the title from rival Victor Martins to become the youngest-ever Formula 2 champion, and in doing so secure a Formula 1 seat in 2025 at Haas.

Zoe Gray

InsideF2 Contributor

Pre-season favourite: Victor Martins

I think Martins will come in as the favourite this year, after a really strong and consistent 2023. He was rookie of the year and consistently in the front end of the field, especially on the podium, and I see him backing this up with more consistency for 2024.

2024 F2 Champion: Victor Martins

I think the battle will be Martins vs Hauger.

Hauger will utilize his experience and continuity with MP as a strong point, pushing Victor nearly all the way.

Martins will be champion, but in a last-race shootout, and Hauger less than 10 points behind.

Luke-John Buckle

InsideF2 contributor

Pre-season favourite: Victor Martins

Martins was unbeatable at times last season despite making some errors early in the campaign. He also has an extra year of experience at this level over some of the grid, which could be pivotal later in the year.

He’s with a very strong team and has a fast teammate in Zak O’Sullivan to push him over the 14 rounds.

2024 F2 Champion: Andrea Kimi Antonelli

The Italian is making a big step up from FRECA, skipping F3, but has dominated in his single-seater career so far.

The new car will level the playing field somewhat. It may have a similar effect to 2018 where George Russell and Lando Norris were blisteringly fast in their rookie season.

Antonelli has also remained level-headed despite huge amounts of expectation. He has driven on some of the circuits on the calendar too which should help him get up to speed quicker than otherwise.


Mia Nixon

Inside F2 Contributor

Pre-season favourite: Martins/Bearman

I think it’s going to be a close fight between Victor Martins and Ollie Bearman. There are a lot of rookies this year so I’m not sure how well, with the new car, they will play into it.

I see Martins and Bearman being strong contenders, and potentially Dennis Hauger too.

2024 F2 Champion: Oliver Bearman

I like Bearman as a driver and I think he’ll be one of the stronger performers in 2024 after his performances last year.

Rachel Gray

InsideF2 contributor

Pre-season favourite: Oliver Bearman

think he looked really strong last year and that season of experience is going to help him massively.

2024 F2 Champion: Victor Martins

I think Victor Martins will be champion. Being in the championship-winning team and having that year of experience under his belt will help with his knowledge and confidence.


Aaron Harper

InsideF2 Contributor

Pre-season favourite: Victor Martins

The Frenchman showed last year that he has the speed, taking three pole positions and a victory.

Once he found that all-important consistency in the second half of the year, he looked formidable alongside eventual champion Théo Pourchaire.

However, there’s going to be stiff competition from the PREMA pair of Ollie Bearman and Andrea Kimi Antonelli.

2024 F2 Champion: Oliver Bearman

I think the eventual champion will be one of the PREMA pair because they’ve got the proverbial carrot dangling ahead of them with a possible F1 seat.

If Antonelli is to end up in a Mercedes in 2025, I think he has to win F2, whereas, with Bearman, he simply needs to challenge for the title to end up with what’s likely to be a Haas drive.

Of course, that adds pressure and could bring mistakes, but sticking my neck out before the season starts, I’m going for Ollie Bearman to bring it home in 2024.

Alex Brundle

FIA Formula 2 Commentator and Racing Driver

Alex spoke to InsideF2 on The F2 Show podcast and gave us his title favourite and eventual champion.

Pre-season favourite: Ollie Bearman

I think he will have a car underneath him more often, I think he will have matured over the off-season and will have harnessed some of that speed.

2024 F2 Champion: Bearman

I see something in the kid, when push comes to shove your Antonelli’s, Bortoleto’s and Miyata’s will be excellent at the end of the year, but I think Bearman will come out of the blocks too fast for them.

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