Will it be Third Time Lucky for Vesti in Monza? 

Will it be Third Time Lucky for Vesti in Monza? 

Will it be Third Time Lucky for Vesti in Monza? 

FIA Formula 2 driver, Frederik Vesti, knows how to win at Monza, having done so in Formula Regional and Formula 3 in 2019 and 2020. Could it be third time lucky for the ART driver?  

“The experience helps around any track and also the confidence when you’ve done well on the track definitely helps; My win in F3 was very big, so it’s something that I can take into this weekend and know that I’ve done well before. 

“It puts high expectations, this is one thing, but also settles everything else. It’s just more relaxed ‘cause you know you’ve done it before and everything is not new. But in saying that, also I’m in F2 now. It’s a completely different car. It’s a completely different way of approaching the weekend with the tyres and so on. 

“It’s two years since I was here last so it will be important to get a good FP. Monza is really important to be strong on the brakes, so that will be the key focus tomorrow morning in Free Practice.”

Monza is the final race of a triple-header that has seen Formula 2 visit Spa-Francorchamps, and Zandvoort last time out. Vesti described the quick turnaround needed, and explained the contributing factors considered to get to Italy on time, and furthermore, to be physically and mentally prepared:

“After Zandvoort when the race finished, I jumped in my car and I drove from the UK. All this triple-header I don’t want to be stuck in delayed or cancelled flights, and then I drove to ART on Sunday.

“Monday I was off – I did a bit of training and my report from Zandvoort. And, Tuesday I was in the sim, with ART and Théo – we were preparing for Monza; running through Quali and FP and all of these things.

“I then drove my car here [to Monza], on Tuesday and Wednesday. I arrived, picked up my Performance Coach [John Noonan] at the airport and we went to the hotel, And we’re here now for another race weekend.” 

Image Credit: Formula Motorsport Limited

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Will it be Third Time Lucky for Vesti in Monza?