Williams ‘So Excited’ About the Australian Grand Prix Announcement

Williams ‘So Excited’ About the Australian Grand Prix Announcement

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During the Silverstone weekend, we spoke to Calan Williams about the news of Formula 2 and Formula 3 joining Formula 1 throughout the Melbourne round in 2023.

“That was such a great announcement when I heard it I was so excited. I can’t think if ever a support series has been to Australia except for maybe a local Australian series but certainly not anything international that I can think of.

It’s going to be such a great opportunity not only for the Australian drivers but also for the Australian fans because we saw the massive, massive crowd earlier in the year which just shows how popular it all is.

I think with Formula 2 and Formula 3 as well, going there with the Australian drivers that are coming up, it’s going to be an amazing opportunity to have some following not only in Formula 1 but also in the support series”.

We also asked Calan about the opportunity the announcement brings to raise the profile of the series and whether it will have much of an impact on its popularity:

“Definitely, it’s a big market and with the massive crowds that we had earlier in the year, I’m sure it would be the same again next year with the passion that everyone has for motorsport. I just can’t wait to be honest. It’s going to be such an experience”.

He was also asked about the chance this gives him to go home:

“I haven’t been home in one and a half years. That’s because last year, with all of the travel restrictions that were in place due to the pandemic I just could not get back.

Normally, in a season, the only opportunity I have is actually at the end of the year before the next season starts, usually December or January and because of the way that everything is planned out with the travel restrictions and the fact that the post season test for Formula 2 was so late last year, in the middle of December it just meant it wasn’t possible to go back.

By the time I go back at the end of the year, it’s going to be two years since I’ve been home but it’s definitely been difficult. It’s just one of the sacrifices that you’ve got to make when you want to race in a series like this that is mostly based in Europe”.

Williams ended the interview by confirming that although Melbourne isn’t close to Perth, his hometown, the confirmation of the round will give him an opportunity to see his loved ones during the season.

It was great to hear Calan’s thoughts and feelings towards the news and to learn more about the sacrifices that these drivers make to chase their dream of performing at the most competitive level. Also, as fans of the sport, it is great to see the recognition that Formula 2 is picking up internationally as the incredible series that it is.

Image: Formula Motorsport Limited

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Trident claim a podiumTrident Claim a Podium in Jeddah